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Sorry for the lack of creative post today. We got the keys to the house on Sunday, and we've been trying to get together a list of what we need to get right away, what needs to be done and work out a timeline and budget for everything.

I've been so occupied with house stuff and stressing about getting at least one Christmas card sample completed that I haven't had time for much else. I've also been struggling with my silhouette. It's harder I figure out than I thought. If any of you have YouTube videos or tips to help me out that would be wonderful!

At some point I would love to show you all the 70s explosion inside our house. Hopefully tomorrow I can find time to sneak over there and take some pictures.

We have a lot of reno's to do and we've been arguing over a facelift to make everything look newer and only upgrade what's necessary, and replacing a lot of what's already there. It's a tough decision given that our current budget is so small, but we have faith that with a lot of DIY, and some help from his parents and a couple of friends we can do everything within a couple of years.

I also stumbled upon a Snailmail Photo a Day challenge on Instagram, so at the end of each post (starting tomorrow with the few I missed), I'll be sharing that photo of the day. Tomorrow I'll share the list with you and I'd love to see what all of you come up with. You can share them on Instagram and tag me (@alexandriarosee_) or email them to me (

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


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