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Studio Calico: Camelot Card Kit

It's only Wednesday and it's already been a pretty eventful week. On Sunday, my brother and his fiancée had their baby. It's a boy! I'm so happy for them. So much paper witchcraft happened on Sunday, and more has been happening the last few days. I'll share all of that once they see what I've made (just in case one of them reads my blog).

Today however, I'm sharing my cards from the Studio Calico Camelot card kit. This is the one from May. It was pastel pink and coral and gold. To see the full kit visit Studio Calico.

This card was inspired by some of the pieces I had left over. I stamped and cut out a bunch of the flowers, and had cut a bunch of the gold foil hello's. There's a grey tag under the flowers that I used as a sort of template to make the flowers into a tag shape. It was supposed to be more visible, but I like it just like this.

This one was sort of inspired by from the gallery. This paper came with all these different pieces on one sheet. I could have cut it apart, but I just trimmed the right side to be different lengths and stamped happy everything on the side..

This was inspired by one of their sketches. I really like how it turned out.

This was inspired by the gallery. I added paper to the background and the thank you flair on the flowers to make it my own.

This was sort of inspired by the gallery. It didn't turn out quite the way I wanted, but it still looks good. 

This was the first one I made, inspired by the gallery. I trimmed strips off the patterned paper and punched circles and flowers. 

This is my absolute favourite card. The grey card base, most of the buttons, and the stamps are from the kit. The wood grain paper, the rest of the buttons, and the white string were from my stash. I want to make this card with buttons in every colour. That's how much I love this card.

This card was inspired by their gallery. But I made it my own by designing my own hello cutfile on the silhouette. I added the little bunting to the top, and put a circle of string around the heart flair. The tag has a gold border around it as well.

This was inspired by the gallery, but I changed the colours. I should have used white ink as the silver leaves a residue on your fingers, and can spread to the black paper. 

That's all the cards I made with this kit. I have a few pieces leftover that I've added to my stash. I'm excited to start working on the next kit and share it with you!

Have a great day!


Michael's Haul #8

My hauls keep getting smaller and smaller because I've begun to realize that I have way too much stuff. Okay that's a lie. I just feel that I can't think of anything to use a lot of what I see for. I'm currently more focused on trying to organize my supplies in such a way that I can see them and I'll start to use them.

I bought three more bead organizers. They're super handy for storing different embellishments (paper punch outs, buttoms, die cuts, etc.) by colour, theme, etc. I also picked up two more sets of Tim Holtz binder rings. I'll share my project made using them later on (when I actually finish it).

I've been growing my punch collection as well. I bought a medium star, medium heart, large hexagon, and a mustache bowtie combo. Perfect for cake toppers. 

I bought two different Colourbox Petal ink pads. I've never used the petal inks before, but I'm excited to try all the new colours. I also bought a bunch of thickers. Two sets of map thickers, one set of kraft corrugated paper thickers, two sets of  black, one set of white, and one set of lowercase black. I never used to like alphabet stickers, but I've grown to love using them in project life.

Thanks for stopping by! Sorry this haul wasn't as exciting as past hauls. I've been exploring storage options and some new furniture pieces for the craftroom. I was also shopping in Saskatchewan, so there was extra taxes (boo!). 

Have a great day!


Scrapbooker's Inner Circle Haul

I have to admit that when it comes to buying Project Life supplies online, Scrapbooker's Inner Circle is my go to place. They have both Project Life brand and We R Memory Keepers. I've ordered from them numerous times, and they always surprise me with how quickly my packages arrive. I ordered this particular one two weeks ago on Friday, and it arrived the following Wednesday.

This order was much smaller than the last one, since I have pretty much everything I want, I'm just waiting on a few more things to come in (soon).

This is possibly the most exciting thing in the box. This is the Aqua kit. Its very bright and fun, and full of quotes (some find them overly cheesy). I feel like it'll be a nice addition to my collection.

I also bought another 12x12 album. I'm short one because it broke (the rings detached from the back) and I haven't found a box to fit it into to mail it back to American Crafts so they can replace it. I also bought two little Instagram albums from We R Memory Keepers. Our generation Instagrams A LOT of our photos, and I have a few I want to stick in an album. I also imagine I'll use one for my sister's highlights from her Ireland trip next year.

I bought more pens. These ones are "The Ultimate Craft Pen" by American Crafts. They're not the Project Life pens I bought last time. So I'm interested to see how these compare. It says that these will write on photos, are waterproof, etc. so we'll see. I also bought 6x8 pocket pages, and the 6x8 pages with 2 4x6's. I bought two packages of the 4x4 Instagram pages, and two packages of the 4 2x2 instagram pages.

Top left: Farmer's Market. I'm waiting for the 4x6 & 3x4  version to come to SIC so I can get it. It's beautiful! Very vintage-y. Bottom left: Studio Gold. It's the same as the large one on the right, just in Instagram size. I'm excited about both of these since gold is super popular. I'm in love with them. So gold and pretty!

Where are your favourite places to shop online?

Have a great weekend!


Project Life: Week Twenty-Six & End of First Album

Good morning! Today I'm sharing week 26, and what I did for the last page of my first album. At the start of the year, I thought I could squeeze the whole year into on album (this was my first year doing project life) but by week 15 I was fairly certain that it'd take two. Lately, most of my layouts have been more than two page spreads, so I was lucky to squeeze week 26 into the first album, and have an equally divided year.

This week I did three double page spreads. Here's the first one. I used cards from Maggie Holmesedition, MAggie Holmes Styleboard, Blush, and Studio Calico.

Here's the left side. We celebrated my mom's and my uncle's birthdays with my Grandma. My niece blew out the candles (of course). I used Dear Lizzy navy polkadot thickers for the title.

Here's the right side. I included my messy desk, and a collage of photos my niece took while we were playing outside.

Here's the second two page spread. I used cards from Studio Calico, Azure, Maggie Holmes Styleboard, and Dear Lizzy Daydreamer.

Here's the left side. We were so excited about our new patio furniture. Jon and my sister did most of the assembly, which was super nice!

Here's the right side. I helped Jon work on some terrain for Out of the Basement. I also got the first coat of paint on my desk (which looks amazing).

Here's the third one. I used coral, strawberry, and azure.

Here's the left side. This side was all of Jon's painting for the week. 

Here's the right side. IT was a bit of painting and some gardening we did before my mom's birthday.

For the last page of this album, I chose to include this 12x12 sheet of paper from the Maggie Holmes paperstack. I feel like it perfectly describes why I'm doing project life. Currently it's in a 12x12 page protector taped to the last page of week 26. I'm considering cutting it up, but I like the way this looks.

How did you divide your first and second album of the year? Did you keep your year to one album? If so, how?

Have a great day! On Friday I'll be sharing my latest Scrapbookers Inner Circle Haul.


Project Life: Week Twenty-Five

Good morning! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, assuming anyone is still reading this. MY weekend was a little hectic. Thursday last week we had a funeral six hours from home, so we ended up staying the weekend at my Grandma's and came home last night.

Today I'm sharing week 25. This week I stuck within a kit to make this spread. I tried to venture out to other kits, but none of the colours matched, so I worked with the We R Memory Keepers Captured line.

Here's the left side. I added little wood veneers to the title card. They came from the May or June Studio Calico kit. I journaled on the top right and bottom left photos.

Here's the right side. I journaled on the top photos and the bottom left photo. I added a journaling card to the 3x4 photo on the bottom right.

This week was pretty simple and straight forward. Thanks for stopping by!


Make Every Day a Scrapbooking Adventure - An Inspiring Video

Good morning! Unfortunately I left Wednesday evening for my Great Grandma's funeral on Thursday so I'm not able to create anything for this post, but before I left I came across this video. I shared it on my Facebook page, in all of the Project Life groups I'm part of, I shared it with my friends and anyone else who wasn't annoyed by my spam to ignore it.


I feel like this video from Shimelle Laine, needs to be seen by the world. She shared it in 2011 and I just stumbled across it this week. The first few minutes were the most inspiring for me. I want to be able to scrapbook the everyday without feeling like no one will care about it. I include all kinds of things from food to TV shows, to books and movies, to where we went that week, things that happened at work, dirty dishes, laundry and our dirty house. In 50 years I'll look back and probably think "wow those were obviously simpler times. Remember when we had that whole summer off during the renovations at work?".

I scrapbook because I want to remember, and be remembered. When I die, they may just throw out all my albums, but at least someone would have looked at them and known who I was and that I documented all this for them. I see my mom, who just keeps all her photos on her computer, and no one ever looks at them, and it breaks my heart. I don't want to try and scrapbook them when she dies. Most of those I have little to no memory of.

One goal in my life would be to get more of my family into scrapbooking their memories. I have a few albums on the go, one for my Grandma and the trips her and my Grandfather took when my aunt (their youngest) was still in highschool. Now that my Grandfather has passed away (quite a while ago) I want to get their memories down before my Grandma passes away. I also want to do a heritage album for my dad's side before his mom passes away. Ideally I'd do a Heritage album for both sides, but it's a matter of time, which we never have enough of. Enough of my long winded-ness. I'll end here and see you all on Monday. Have a great weekend!


Project Life: Week Twenty-Four

Good morning! On Monday I shared week 23, and it completely slipped my mind that the first portion of this week ties into the last portion of that week. Because my weeks don't keep the weekends together (it has to do with the month cards I chose) sometimes my weeks kind of overlap. 

Last week the second half of my trip started off that spread, this week, the tournament photos from Sunday ended up starting off this spread. I put my title card on the right hand side to keep the tournament photos together. For this portion of the spread I used cards from the Midnight edition, Amy Tangerine Plus one, and We R Memory Keepers Blackboard.

The left side was just more tournament photos, and Jon's chicken scratch journaling. I love that he's happy to be a part of this. I hand him the page and say "could you journal about these pictures on the blank cards. Just write whatever you want, it's your input for the week". He's great about getting me his photos that he wants included too. I'll just say "send me your photos from this week or you don't get to contribute"

Here's the right side. I included his model assembly, my experience with extreme couponing, the movie we saw this week, and the new Wii U and games we picked up.

Here's the second part of my week. This was Thursday morning. I used cards from Midnight, and Studio Calico. The bottom right card was a 4x6 I cut in half and used on this side and the back side of the insert. The insert is a design F page cut in half.

I was visiting my niece at my moms and we were blowing bubbles for the first time this year. It was a little cool and windy, but we made the most of it. I journaled about our blowing bubbles. It took her a little while to get the hang of it, and she's still jealous that I can get a lot out of it and she can only get a few.

Jon came by to blow bubbles with us, and she got some chalk on her face. This bottom right card was a 4x6 and I cut it in half. it says "P.S. You're adorable". The two 3x4 Photos were actually taken after we finished blowing bubbles, but I had a bunch of 3x4s so instead of using half of a design A, I cut down a design F an put her and Jon blowing bubbles at the top on either side of the insert.

Here's the back of the insert and the right hand side. I used different background cards from a variety of kits to complete the right hand side.

The back of the insert. We made a hopscotch, and she tosses the rock and jumps (both feet) to that square, picks it up and tosses it a little further. It's cute. On the right in the middle, is the other half of that card. It says "yes you are". I thought it was perfect for her because she's adorable. I journaled about how she plays hopscotch. She'll hear about it when she's older.

She asked me to help her draw the family. It started out with just her parents, and turned into her drawing her parents, the baby they're expecting, her grandparents (my parents) and her aunties and uncles. It took the entire sidewalk from my moms house to the street, but she had a blast. This is how she got chalk on her face. 
When her mom came to pick her up she was beyond excited to show her all her pictures that she drew for papa (my dad). It rained that night and when she came back the next day she was so heartbroken that her pictures had washed away a little bit and she asked me to help her fix them.

This week was pretty photo heavy and here's the end of it. On Saturday we attended the wedding of one of Jon's friends from Highschool. It was extremely country. Not pictured is the insert I made to put the wedding invitation, and program into. I just used a 6x8 page protector (which they fit into perfectly). I used cards from Dear Lizzy, Jade, 5th & FRolic, and Studio Calico.

In the top right corner, I used the signature they had on the little brown bags from their candy bar to put a title on this layout. Jon took a few photos from the ceremony and I journaled about how the groom drove a tractor and a hay wagon with his groomsmen on it, and the bride tried to hide behind the cars before walking down the aisle. Their vows were sweet and the bugs weren't too terrible.

Here's the right side. The wedding party all rode out on the hay wagon. They continued their country theme to the reception where they had sunflowers and burlap. It was very simple, but so beautiful. I also snapped a picture of jon in the car. The card in the middle on the right says "let the fun begin".

This week wasn't particularly busy, but had a lot of photos. So many memories I wanted to keep.
Hope you have a great week!