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Rosettes & Happy Birthday Banner

My mother was born on Canada day, a very long time ago. Someone usually offers to take her out, or BBQ dinner for the whole family. This year, Jon and I decided that we would host everyone at our house. We made an amazing dinner and I baked a pink lemonade cake (cupcakes here), I made some decorations that I shared on Instagram, and today I'm going to share here.

This was the sneak peek of the banner I shared on Instagram. I cut 2.5" circles out of teal cardstock using my silhouette. Then I created 2.5" circles with letters in the centre, and cut those out of white cardstock and glued them to the teal coloured ones. After this photo was taken, I punched holes in the middle on either side of each letter and tied them together with some string. I saved the letters that were cut out of the white, and used them for another project for the party.

I also shared this sneak peek of my stack of rosettes I had half assembled. In total I made 21 rosettes, though only 14 of them were shared in this photo.

I laid out the rosettes on the floor of my crafroom and started gluing them together. The floor is the only place I have the space for all of them. I made them all the same size to save myself some time, but making them in different sizes does add more visual interest.

I shared this photo on Instagram as well. It's possibly my most favourite picture I've ever taken of anything crafty. It was taken mostly to show the patterned paper I used for the rosettes, but it is so gorgeous I just want to frame it and hang it in my craftroom.

Here's the finished product. You can't really tell, but there's string going from the top right and top left corners. Its the only thing holding this up. I tied the happy birthday banner to that string so I can take it off and put up a different banner, or use only the happy birthday banner, or put it with a different set of rosettes. The only issue I have now, is where I'm going to store these rosettes when they're not in use.

Remember those letters I saved? I hot glued them to toothpicks and used them to decorate the cake. I threw them out afterwards because they had icing all over them in the end, but the cake looked amazing with the candles lit behind it (unfortunately I don't have a photo). 

I have a feeling I'll be hosting more parties at my house, perhaps a surprise baby shower for my sister-in-law, and my brother. Who knows, but this party was awesome! And a great excuse to use my crafty abilities. I'll share the card I made my mom in a later post when I share my cards from the Studio Calico Camelot kit.

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