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You Make Me Laugh - xoxo

Today I'm sharing yet another layout about my nephew (big surprise right?). Today's layout features some Kellie Stamps, tags, another frame and another acrylic piece.

This layout makes my heart happy. I wasn't sure about the circles, but I love that they make it feel a little more tied together. I also LOVE the background paper and how perfectly it went with this layout.

The story for this was that I bought both kids a little super soft stuffed bunny and I tucked his into the truck and he pushed it around the house giggling the whole time.

The X's and O's are cut with my Silhouette from THIS Kellie Stamps digital set. The "you make me laugh" is from an older physical set that I still absolutely love.

The "love" circle is from the Notes & Things Value Kit from Becky Higgins, the tag is available (here) from Studio Calico. The frame is from Heidi Swapp (here & on sale) and the blue heart is from a past Story Kit.

Thank you so much for coming to see this spread. I hope you have a wonderful day!


Project Life | Week 6

Today I'm sharing week 6 of my Project Life. For this spread I used a couple of Kellie Stamps, and some cards from my stash - mostly Studio Calico. I also used some yellow phrase stickers from a super old My Mind's Eye line to add something that tied all the photos together.

Left side; I added the yellow phrase sticker to the bottom right corner of each 4x6 photo. The bottom right photo has some digital Kellie Stamps placed on top from this set and this set.

Right side; I added  yellow phrase stickers to the bottom right corner of each 4x4 photo. The left 3x4 pocket has a card made using a stamp from this Kellie Stamps set and the photo was adhered on top of the card that I'd made prior to completing this spread.

I have a habit of including photos from Snapchat in my spreads, I love that they give me a tiny amount of space to have journaling already on the photo to either jog my memory for a longer story, or simply be all the journaling I need to tell that particular story.

Thanks for coming by to see this spread. Have a wonderful day!


Spread Cheer

Today I'm sharing a layout that makes my whole heart happy. I used an acrylic word from a past Story Kit from Ali Edwards (current story kit available here), some stars from my stash and various labels from the Notes & Things Value Kit from Becky Higgins.

We were at my moms house, and he was sitting in the rocking chair across from the couch and Thomas the Train came on and he LOVES that show. As soon as he hears the theme song he starts wiggling and his face lights up. So I snapped a few photos and made this layout about his cheer.

I love the gold on the labels and how they just add a little sparkle to the layout. The photos are tilted opposite ways and slightly over lapped so they fit down the page.

I love his face in this photo. It makes me so happy. I added a chipboard frame around this photo and added a sticker from Heidi Swapp's memory planner line (should be available at Michaels).

The cheer word is adhered to the frame, and has some foam squares under the parts not on the frame, just to keep it lifted evenly across the page. I love this layout so much. Thank you for coming by to see it. I see more layouts where a plastic word is the focus. I've been hoarding my Story Kits for way too long, which is unfortunate because I LOVE the kits.

Have a wonderful rest of your day!


Project Life | Week 5

Today I'm sharing week 5. This week is very pink. The blue 3x4 card was a 4x6 card that I cut in half and put on opposite pages. I added some embellishments from various past Ali Edwards' kits.

The left side; I subscribed to the "stationary" kit and the documenter kits from Studio Calico, so I was getting 2 month cards every month. So I cut the one in the documenter kit a couple weeks back, and used the one from the card kit for this week. I used another journal card I made with the MORE OF THIS Kellie Stamp set (here) to create the more of this card on the bottom right. The quote in the first pocket is from Rising Strong by Brene Brown. Someone shared it on Instagram and I added it as a photo. It's one of my favourites.

The right side; The little heart circle is from the no longer available "Love Note" kit by The Teal Lime Press. Since she closed her shop her designs are no longer available, but I'm still using them for different projects. I used another stamp from this Kellie Stamps set (same as the one linked above) to add to the bottom of the far right center photo. We played some Dungeons and Dragons this week, found our dream house on the internet, and laughed about someone's weird obsession with camo.

Thanks for coming by to see this spread.


You Are The Most...

As someone who doesn't have any kids, and grows tired of scrapbooking my cats all the time, I tend to gravitate to making traditional layouts using photos of my niece and nephew (just so y'all don't think I have a toddler and didn't tell any of you).

Today I'm sharing this simple, traditional layout I made about my nephew flashing me his diaper one afternoon after his nap. I went with a grid of 2 photos and 2 tags and a blue acrylic heart from one of the very first Story Kits from Ali Edwards (you can check out the details here).

Looking at it now, it could probably use some more blue, but I love that all that yellow just makes me feel happy. It's so bright and fun. I also love that little hand drawn smiley face sticker from a super old Heidi Swapp sticker set.

I used some really old My Mind's Eye phrase stickers on this tag and stamped the date at the bottom. I just love how it looks together, and the way they ended up being centered on the tag without much effort on my part. I just love how every piece of this came together (even though it took me a week to figure out the layout of the photos and tags).

Thanks for coming by to see this layout. I forsee a ton more layouts of my nephew in the future (apologizing for that now, but #sorrynotsorry).

Have a wonderful rest of your day!


Project Life | Week 4

Today I'm sharing week 4. This week I kept things really neutral, and I love how the photos stand out against the neutral cards.

The left side; Kept things really simple. Journaled about Jon's back injury from last week (I talked about it last week as well) and how he's still sleeping on the couch. Generally with Gracie.

The right side; Working on invitations and watching the office, the messiest desk. Made a card (less of this) using the MORE OF THIS digital set of Kellie Stamps (here). The rest of the cards came from Studio Calico. I also journaled about creating this layout.

Have a great day!


Hunting Layout 4/24

Today I'm sharing another Hunting layout. This one was scrap-lifted from one I saw on the Crate Paper Instagram. I've been wanting to do more creative things with my backgrounds, and this one turned out really nice.

I used a 2-inch circle punch and cut the circles in half. I started at the bottom and worked my way up. After each row I stitched the half circles down. I wanted the background to be the star and kept everything else pretty simple. Just stamped the date onto one of the lighter half circles.

I love the combination of patterns, and the texture of the corrugated pieces and the texture from the stitching. I love how it all came together.

Thanks for coming by to see this spread. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day!


#operationreadmore | February

Today I'm sharing the short list of books I read in February. I read so many in January that I'm not surprised February was a little light on books. I'm still ahead of my challenge, so yay me!

This month I read
Burial Rites by Hanna Kent
I love historical fiction, especially well researched historical fiction. This book was perfectly that.

Better than Before by Gretchen Rubin
I love Gretchen's books. I love her podcast Happier with Gretchin Rubin. This books led me to assess my family and try to figure out which tendency they have based on how they act. I'm not certain in my assumptions, but I'm excited for her book about the 4 tendencies so I can figure out which one I really am, and work on changing some habits.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone & Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling
When Alan Rickman died earlier this year, I had a sudden urge to re-read the Harry Potter series. Which was a great idea because I haven't read any of them since the last book came out (ages ago). I didn't realize how many details I forgot, or things that the movies ruined in my brain (Jon and I watched all the movies a couple years ago).

Thanks for coming by to see the books I read last month. March will probably be filled with the rest of the Harry Potter books, and nothing else, and I'm completely okay with that. Have a great day!


Project Life | Week 3

Today I'm sharing week 3 of my Project Life. This spread was made using the Companion kit from The Teal Lime Press, but unfortunately she has closed the TLP shop, and this kit is no longer available. I was only on her team for a couple of weeks, but I loved working with her kits. I had way more ideas in my brain that I wanted to use, but she closed shop before I had time to do anything with them.

The left side; I added in a few Kellie Stamps, but everything else in this spread came from the kit. I'm a sucker for labels!
The right side; More Kellie stamps, and everything else was in the kit. I love how these pages came together. The colours were just perfect for this week, and the sentiments were applicable to more than just the men in your life. I hope Kristine comes back to the creative world with more of her amazing designs!

Have a great day!


Kellie Stamps | March Release

Today I'm sharing two layouts I made using the AM TO PM digital set of Kellie Stamps (available here) also available as a physical set, but only as a pre-order and only until March 15th. I'm so excited that Kellie brought back physical stamps, even if you have to wait a while to get them.

I made two layouts using the same cut from my Silhouette Cameo and the Love digital stamp from the AM TO PM set. One background has the individual letters and the other has the leftover piece and is backed with an old Dear Lizzy pattern paper. I love the white on white of the right back ground, but wanted to switch it up for the other one, so I used a floral paper.

Here's the first layout. I wanted the background to show a lot, so I used a 4x4 photo and kept my embellishments really simple and clustered together on one side.

Labels are probably my best friend. I layered some printable labels that I printed on cardstock and vellum, and added an old chipboard heart and some phrase stickers. The "I love you" sentiment is also available in the set, I cut it with the Silhouette and just glued it on top of the photo and added a heart sticker.

I stamped the date on another label, and stuck it along with some very old My Mind's Eye phrase stickers on the top of the photo.

Here's the second layout. I used an old Ali Edwards stamp to add a little something extra to the background. Originally I was just going to throw all these letters into a box and use them later, if ever, so I didn't cut the center of the circle, but then I made this background and wanted something else on the o's.

 Lately my style has gone way more simple. One photo and some clustered embellishments. I'm trying to use my stash instead of hoarding all the pretty embellishments. Some of these are old Shimelle embellishments, and some are from past Story Kits, and the little polka dot heart is an old Freckled Fawn, and the tag was from Studio Calico.

I cut a 3x4 journaling card in half and tucked it under the edge of the photo to hold my journaling. I love all the texture and layers on this spread.

Thanks for coming by to see these spreads. I have a few projects in the works using other Kellie Stamps products as well, and my plan is to share them throughout the rest of the month. You can follow Kellie Stamps on Instagram (here) to see what some of the other creative team ladies are sharing and working on. Later this month there's been talk of an Instagram hop to show off what some of the girls have done with the physical set, so you won't want to miss that!