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The blog will be on hiatus for a while. With packing, work, painting, reno's and everything else, I haven't had time to do much for the blog. I'll try and get some posts of the house up sometime next week, we're painting for the rest of the week, the new carpet goes in the second week of October. Just a lot going on. But I'll try and have some DIY things from the house to share with all of you.

Take care!
- Alex


Washitape Wednesday

It's that time again! The day where I do a project using washitape. I stayed up late last night, just to make this card for today. Don't forget to share your washitape projects with Tiffany at Crafting a Fairytale.

As some of you know, I held a giveaway on my instagram over the last couple of weeks. Those of you who know me, know I never do anything creative halfway and I love making people smile, and I love surprising people. So, along with the stamp sets going to each of the winners, I'm going to send them a congratulations card. I'll be sharing the four cards over the next four Wednesdays! Here's the first one. 

This card was inspired by one I saw on Pinterest, and it was a good excuse to use up some of my buttons. The grid underneath the button was made using washitape as well.

I sort of went for a nautical theme with this one. Or maybe I just love anchors and I always see them with navy and or red.

I love this congratulations stamp. But of course I'm not perfect so some of my edge inking is smudged.

Here's a side view of the card. I love that the black paper makes the colours pop. I also love that I finally made something without a white base.

I can't wait to host another giveaway!

Have a great Wednesday everyone!


Busy Bee

Sorry for the lack of creative post today. We got the keys to the house on Sunday, and we've been trying to get together a list of what we need to get right away, what needs to be done and work out a timeline and budget for everything.

I've been so occupied with house stuff and stressing about getting at least one Christmas card sample completed that I haven't had time for much else. I've also been struggling with my silhouette. It's harder I figure out than I thought. If any of you have YouTube videos or tips to help me out that would be wonderful!

At some point I would love to show you all the 70s explosion inside our house. Hopefully tomorrow I can find time to sneak over there and take some pictures.

We have a lot of reno's to do and we've been arguing over a facelift to make everything look newer and only upgrade what's necessary, and replacing a lot of what's already there. It's a tough decision given that our current budget is so small, but we have faith that with a lot of DIY, and some help from his parents and a couple of friends we can do everything within a couple of years.

I also stumbled upon a Snailmail Photo a Day challenge on Instagram, so at the end of each post (starting tomorrow with the few I missed), I'll be sharing that photo of the day. Tomorrow I'll share the list with you and I'd love to see what all of you come up with. You can share them on Instagram and tag me (@alexandriarosee_) or email them to me (

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


Michaels Haul #4

Jon and I took my sister school shopping, a couple weeks ago, and I had a couple of things I needed to get at Michaels that I couldn't find when we were in Calgary.

I picked up another 6 x 6" My Mind's Eye paper stack. I love the colours of this one!

I picked up another set of washitape holders to hold the last of my tape, and earlier this week I bought a few more rolls of tape. Hopefully they all fit.

I picked up some more bubble envelopes, sharpies and two pocket page protectors from staples. Maybe now I can get the rest of my stamps into binders.

Jon found these Heidi Swapp stencils and figured we could use them for something, like painting my filing cabinet.

Christmas is coming so I picked up some new Christmas Stamps. Now to actually start on my Christmas cards.

I love the snowman and the penguin stamps. They're adorable. The others all came from the sale bin.

Have a wonderful Monday.