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Project Life: Week Seven

Can't believe it's Friday already! I have this weekend off, so my sister's coming over and I'm dyeing her hair for her. Pretty soon I could do it with my eyes closed. Anyways, here's week 7 of my Project Life

This week, I used the Dear Lizzy core kit that I bought while in Calgary.I love how bright and happy the colours are, and they were perfect for February, and the week of Valentine's Day.

Left side of week seven. I photographed my PL pages, It snowed and we spend Valentine's Day watching basketball at our old Highschool. It's hard to tell, but i did some stamping, or used patterned paper on the edges of the photos so they fit in the pockets. The only downside to having Instagram's my photos.

The right side of week seven. This covered our saturday. I took a screenshot of the weather forecast for the weekend, snapped a picture of the sky on our way to the city, and included a photo of the core kits I bought. I went online and got a picture of the Lego Movie poster, and included the movie ticket.

Have a great weekend! I'm still trying to get into the mindset that I don't have to document every little thing that happens during the week, but it's nice to fill in otherwise empty spaces.



Project Life: Week Six

Good morning! My goal is to eventually get caught up with posting each week, then share my spreads on the same day every week, and bring back Washitape Wednesday. I have so much washitape now that I need to start using more of it.

This week, I made some of my own cards, and used a couple from the Kraft Edition by Becky Higgins.

Here's the left side. I made the title card from some 6x6 paper I had. I think it was My Minds Eye. The card with the heart is from the Kraft Edition, and the other pink card I made using some stamps and another piece of My Minds Eye paper. When I make something new, I tend to include it, this week I tried a recipe on the back of a side kicks package, and we made tacos. I've also started to include Jon's creative ventures (painting) in the album because I was going so into detail about my craft stuff.

Here's the right side. I made muffins this week, and I included details of our date night (dinner and movies). The left card is from My Minds Eye (the back side of the pink card from previous page), the other cards are from the Kraft Edition. The journaling card was a 4x6 journaling card, I just cut it in half. I used a scrap from the title card to put next to the ribs and used some washitape to attach them, and stamped forks, spoons and 'Good Eats' onto the paper.

By the middle of the week, I usually have the left side planned out and on Saturday or Sunday I usually finish up the right side and print the photos, rearrange anything I need to, and fill in the journaling for the week.

Have a great week!


Project Life Storage

On Friday, I mentioned that some of the girls were using Raskog Carts and Antonius inserts for their PL cards and other craft supplies. I'm a bit ashamed by how many core kits I have, but eventually I'll use them all...right? Thanks to the ladies over at Project Lifers on Facebook, I found a super practical way to store my PL cards and have them easily accessible.

This is the Antonis insert from Ikea. It fits perfectly into the Raskog cart, and perfectly holds PL cards. The centre slots are 6" wide, and the left and right slots are 3" wide.

This is the Raskog cart. I love this color so much. It matches our bedroom, but compliments the purple of my craft room nicely. It's a little taller than I thought it would be, and I'm considering taking the wheels off and making a permanent space for it.

This is my Raskog cart with 12 core kits in it. I fit four complete core kits into each Antonius insert. I spent two days sorting the cards into piles: Grid Journaling, Line Journaling, Filler, Background, Title, First & Last. Some people sorted these categories by colour, I might do that eventually, but for now it works as is. 

I made dividers out of white cardstock. I cut them to 2 7/8 x 4 1/2 so they fit into the inserts. I typed out the categories with the core kit name, and printed them onto clear labels and put them on the top of the dividers.
 tried to keep kits with similar colour palettes or themes together.
5th & Frolic, Blush, Dear Lizzy core kit & Maggie Holmes core kit went on the top. Coral, Jade, Honey & Kraft went on the middle shelf, and Midnight, Sunshine, Cinnamon & Rain went on the bottom. I put them in this order because the top has the kits I'm currently using in my PL album, and the others I've used, or plan to use on other projects I have on the go.

I really want to get another of these (in the charcoal grey) for my stamps. I need a new way to store my clear stamps, I have too many for the binders now, and I feel this would be a good idea!

Have a great day!


Michael's Haul #6

Happy Friday! I'm working this weekend, but last weekend when I was off, we went to Calgary. Jon had a tournament and instead of lusting after the things everyone's been buying at Michael's, I agreed to suffer through the tournament to do some crafty shopping.

I went to two different Michael's, a small scrapbook shop called Scrapbooker's Paradise, and Ikea. At the first Michael's, I spent $70. They didn't have much of what I wanted, and I bought a couple of things for Jon (not pictured), and I was okay with that.

First up, I bought some MAMBI (Me & My Big Ideas) cards for my Project Life.

Of course I had to get more washitape. The tape on the far right is from the Recollections Pastel collection. The teal tape is a fabric tape.

My biggest weakness has got to be for stamps! I was looking for more of the Heidi Swapp stamps, but only found those three. The stamp set on the left is by DCWV.

I also have a weakness for paper. Especially pastel coloured paper. It goes so nicely with my Project Life album, and as much as I say I hate pink, I'm starting to love it again. I also picked up some plastic bobbins. They're traditionally used for embroidery thread, but I have some scrap pieces of ribbon and twine that I wanted to contain, so I plan to wrap them around the bobbins and put them into a bead organizer (still need the bead organizer).

After we got to Calgary, we drove by Scrapbooker's Paradise and Jon insisted that we stop in. He found the Coral kit and insisted that I get it. I swear he's trying to make me broke.

I was on the fence about the coral kit for a while. I'm still a little unsure about it, but after going through the cards, I feel like I'm going to use most of them in various layouts. 

I have so much paper already, but I couldn't pass up this paper pad. I also love these stamps! I'm a sucker for arrow stamps. 

I also had to add more washitape to my collection. The left is white with little blue birds on it, then mustaches, comic book tape, and two sets of purple washitape. I really didn't need more tape, but I couldn't help myself, and again, Jon was influencing my decision. I might have to start Washitape Wednesday again.

After Scrapbooker's Paradise, we headed over to Ikea. I recently joined a Project Life group on Facebook and a bunch of the girls suggested storing PL cards in a Raskog cart using Antonius inserts. I'll share more about this next week.

It has space on the left and right for 3x4 cards and space in the centre for 4x6 cards.

I bought the aqua Raskog cart. It compliments the purple of my craft space perfectly! 

In almost the same parking lot, was a Michaels. I couldn't resist going to see if they had a couple mini kits I wanted. They didn't, but they had a couple core kits I wanted to get my hands on. This is the Maggie Holmes core kit.

I love the pastel colours of this. I feel like it would be great for more vintage photos, but I plan to mix it into my Project Life album!

I also got the Season's mini kit.

I love the variety of cards in this one! Perfect for weather or scenery photos to celebrate the season.

Dear Lizzy core kit. I wanted her mini kits, but I'll take this core kit! It goes PERFECTLY with the 5th & Frolic and Blush editions.

This kit is very floral, pink and pastel. I love it.

I also went overboard on stamps. They had more of the Heidi Swapp stamps (I ended up with a couple duplicates). The two on the top right are from the Recollections pastel collection.

These stamps are also by Heidi Swapp. They're definitely being used for Project Life. They're perfect for it. Plus if I ever get back to making cards, I can use them there!

On the left: Project Life Theme Cards - Inspirational.
Centre: Project Life Theme Cards - Home.
Right: Heidi Swapp Ephemera.

I found the sticky tabs in the dollar bin. Plan to toss them into one of my RAK's this year. The buttons are from the Recollections Pastel collection.

More washitape. I bought these because they match a paperstack I have.

More washitape racks. They were the last two sets they had, they were open, but I made sure all the pieces were still there before I bought them.

I also found a bin of these metal pieces. I have no idea what I'm going to do with them, but I couldn't pass them up.

I also bought a new pair of shoes, and ended up nearly broke. The tournament was boring, but I learned a bit more about the fundamentals of the game.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Project Life Week Five

Good morning loves, I hope you're all enjoying your week thus far. We went to the city last weekend, so I'll have a Michaels Haul post coming up soon! I'm so excited to share everything with you.

This week was my sisters 16th birthday, so Jon and. I took the family out for dinner, and played some board games with my sister since she had almost a week off school. This layout was completed using the 5th & Frolic Edition by Becky Higgins. 

Here's the left side. I made cupcakes for my sister, and my niece insists on he,oing her blow out the candle. Her only gift was a sucker with giant lips on it, of course we had to get a picture of her looking silly.

This side is a little out of order, but this is how the photos fit. My niece ended up with the sucker and was being silly, she also ended up with cupcake all over her face. After dinner my sister came over and we played board games. Later in the week she came to visit us at work, and we played some UNO. We also welcomed the month of February with a new month card!


Project Life Week Four

Good morning lovelies. Today we have yet another project life spread. This one had more photos that I wanted to include, so it got an insert (another half page). 

Here's the first half. This entire week was completed using the 5th & Frolic Edition by Becky Higgins, and photos taken by myself and Jon. 

This week Jon had another tournament and got an entire page to his hobby.

First up, the left side of page one. My photos that I ordered for my Vancouver album finally came in, we tried a new game (the name is the best part), a sneak peak of my Vancouver album, and I shared a glimpse of what to happens at work.

The first side of my insert has the writing Jon did on my window after work one night, one thousand gifts (the book I finished near the start of the week), and my workspace while I worked on my letters one afternoon when Jon was working. 

On the back side, I have my PL collection, the book I started and finished between the middle to end of the week, and a list of highlights from our week. 

Last but not least, I have the photos from Jon's tournament on the weekend. 

Have a great week everyone!


Project Life Week Three

Good morning. Sometimes I wish my life was a TV show, then exciting things would happen every week and I'd have something to document. This week Jon went to his first war hammer tournament of the year, and I reminded him to snap a few photos of his trip. 

The left page has a 3x4 journaling card from the Blush Editiom, and a 4x6 title card from 5th & Frolic Edition, both by Becky Higgins. The right side was made using the Kraft Edition by Becky Higgins. The left page is the half page I used for the cake disaster the week before. 

Jon stayed with his sister while he was away, and took a picture of his nephew playing with his toys after breakfast and I finished reading the Rosie Project.

People constantly ask me what Warhammer is, and I still can't explain it. I don't think I ever will be able to, but its really boring to watch. Jon enjoys it so I don't complain, but I don't go to every tournament, only when I absolutely have to. I can assure you though, that there will be more Warhammer spreads to come. The album is my hobby, the least I can do is document a little of his hobby as well. 

Have a great Wednesday!


Project Life Week Two

Good morning! I hope you're all having a wonderful week. I think I'm going to designate a specific day to posting my PL pages each week, I just haven't decided what day yet. If anyone knows of any PL link ups, I'd love to hear about them, and possibly link up with other people. 

This week was a little bit busier, than week one, but not crazy. I'm getting into the mindset of 'hey, this is something I'll want to remember in 5 years, maybe I should be taking pictures'. Plus where my nieces and nephews are concerned, they grow up so fast that it's important to take pictures of them. This week I had too many pictures for one page, but not enough for two full pages to I cut one in half. I know that there are insert pages made this way, but living in the middle of nowhere, I worked with what I've got. 

This week, I visited my niece at my moms and we played with blocks. Our tower was taller than she is before it toppled over. I managed to snap a few pictures of our progress and she enjoyed looking at them afterwards. Jon's family also came over for dinner to celebrate Jon's Mom's birthday. His dad loves doing family photos when we all get together so I scanned the one he gave us and put a copy in our album.

Jon and I were responsible for making the cake. Needles to say  it didn't go well. I baked the cake the morning before the party and we think it didn't cool long enough before we tried to take it out of the pan so the cake started falling apart. We ended up cutting a portion of the cake off and icing over the open edge. It was still good, but I much prefer cupcakes or a single layer cake.
The picture and cards on the right side of this page, are from next week. I'm exploring options for a tab to put on the edge of the 'insert' so people remember that they're separate pages.

Both of these pages were made using the Blush Edition by Becky Higgins. 

Have a great day!