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Michael's Haul #6

Happy Friday! I'm working this weekend, but last weekend when I was off, we went to Calgary. Jon had a tournament and instead of lusting after the things everyone's been buying at Michael's, I agreed to suffer through the tournament to do some crafty shopping.

I went to two different Michael's, a small scrapbook shop called Scrapbooker's Paradise, and Ikea. At the first Michael's, I spent $70. They didn't have much of what I wanted, and I bought a couple of things for Jon (not pictured), and I was okay with that.

First up, I bought some MAMBI (Me & My Big Ideas) cards for my Project Life.

Of course I had to get more washitape. The tape on the far right is from the Recollections Pastel collection. The teal tape is a fabric tape.

My biggest weakness has got to be for stamps! I was looking for more of the Heidi Swapp stamps, but only found those three. The stamp set on the left is by DCWV.

I also have a weakness for paper. Especially pastel coloured paper. It goes so nicely with my Project Life album, and as much as I say I hate pink, I'm starting to love it again. I also picked up some plastic bobbins. They're traditionally used for embroidery thread, but I have some scrap pieces of ribbon and twine that I wanted to contain, so I plan to wrap them around the bobbins and put them into a bead organizer (still need the bead organizer).

After we got to Calgary, we drove by Scrapbooker's Paradise and Jon insisted that we stop in. He found the Coral kit and insisted that I get it. I swear he's trying to make me broke.

I was on the fence about the coral kit for a while. I'm still a little unsure about it, but after going through the cards, I feel like I'm going to use most of them in various layouts. 

I have so much paper already, but I couldn't pass up this paper pad. I also love these stamps! I'm a sucker for arrow stamps. 

I also had to add more washitape to my collection. The left is white with little blue birds on it, then mustaches, comic book tape, and two sets of purple washitape. I really didn't need more tape, but I couldn't help myself, and again, Jon was influencing my decision. I might have to start Washitape Wednesday again.

After Scrapbooker's Paradise, we headed over to Ikea. I recently joined a Project Life group on Facebook and a bunch of the girls suggested storing PL cards in a Raskog cart using Antonius inserts. I'll share more about this next week.

It has space on the left and right for 3x4 cards and space in the centre for 4x6 cards.

I bought the aqua Raskog cart. It compliments the purple of my craft space perfectly! 

In almost the same parking lot, was a Michaels. I couldn't resist going to see if they had a couple mini kits I wanted. They didn't, but they had a couple core kits I wanted to get my hands on. This is the Maggie Holmes core kit.

I love the pastel colours of this. I feel like it would be great for more vintage photos, but I plan to mix it into my Project Life album!

I also got the Season's mini kit.

I love the variety of cards in this one! Perfect for weather or scenery photos to celebrate the season.

Dear Lizzy core kit. I wanted her mini kits, but I'll take this core kit! It goes PERFECTLY with the 5th & Frolic and Blush editions.

This kit is very floral, pink and pastel. I love it.

I also went overboard on stamps. They had more of the Heidi Swapp stamps (I ended up with a couple duplicates). The two on the top right are from the Recollections pastel collection.

These stamps are also by Heidi Swapp. They're definitely being used for Project Life. They're perfect for it. Plus if I ever get back to making cards, I can use them there!

On the left: Project Life Theme Cards - Inspirational.
Centre: Project Life Theme Cards - Home.
Right: Heidi Swapp Ephemera.

I found the sticky tabs in the dollar bin. Plan to toss them into one of my RAK's this year. The buttons are from the Recollections Pastel collection.

More washitape. I bought these because they match a paperstack I have.

More washitape racks. They were the last two sets they had, they were open, but I made sure all the pieces were still there before I bought them.

I also found a bin of these metal pieces. I have no idea what I'm going to do with them, but I couldn't pass them up.

I also bought a new pair of shoes, and ended up nearly broke. The tournament was boring, but I learned a bit more about the fundamentals of the game.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


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