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Project Life: Week Seven

Can't believe it's Friday already! I have this weekend off, so my sister's coming over and I'm dyeing her hair for her. Pretty soon I could do it with my eyes closed. Anyways, here's week 7 of my Project Life

This week, I used the Dear Lizzy core kit that I bought while in Calgary.I love how bright and happy the colours are, and they were perfect for February, and the week of Valentine's Day.

Left side of week seven. I photographed my PL pages, It snowed and we spend Valentine's Day watching basketball at our old Highschool. It's hard to tell, but i did some stamping, or used patterned paper on the edges of the photos so they fit in the pockets. The only downside to having Instagram's my photos.

The right side of week seven. This covered our saturday. I took a screenshot of the weather forecast for the weekend, snapped a picture of the sky on our way to the city, and included a photo of the core kits I bought. I went online and got a picture of the Lego Movie poster, and included the movie ticket.

Have a great weekend! I'm still trying to get into the mindset that I don't have to document every little thing that happens during the week, but it's nice to fill in otherwise empty spaces.



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