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Project Life: Week Eight

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! I'm so close to being caught up with posting these! This week I had a lot of photos. I used the Maggie Holmes core kit, and one Kraft journaling card. I had so many photos that this week I put in an insert of photos.

This week I included some of Jon's painting since I've been including more about my hobby than his.

This is our Sunday. Jon had a tournament and I went with him. We went to a new-to-us restaurant and I snapped a couple pictures. On the drive home on Monday I snapped a picture of our Tim's breakfast.

The left half of this page is the first half of the insert. Jon's been painting a few commission projects as well as his own stuff, so I included photos of those, but they were a last minute addition so I put them into an insert.

Here's the full spread with the other side of the insert. 

Here;s the rest of Jon's painting work, and I included some journaling about what armies he's painting for what game, etc.

Here's the full right side. The last two commission pictures, a plate from my Great Grandma's china set that my mom save for me, my Project Life storage, a tree in our backyard, and a new recipe of Chicken Wings Jon tried out this week. 

Hopefully I can get back to posting cards and other crafty things once in a while!
Have a great week!


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