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Project Life: Week Ten

Can't believe its already week 10, feels like just yesterday I wast starting my album (I'll probably say this again around week 20, 30, etc.).

When I started this album, I knew I wouldn't use a single kit. I thought I'd stick to two of them, then I got Dear Lizzy and thought three would be okay. My pages have gone from bright and pastel coloured, to slightly darker colours. I'm okay with that, I love the variety. This week I used the Jade Edition.

Here's the left side of week 10. I watched a lot of Lost this week, finished one book and started another. I tried out a new recipe for dinner.

This week I included an insert of Jon's hobby again. I added a washitape paperclip to this insert (and all my previous inserts) in coordinating colours.

Here's the full layout with the back side of the insert. Sorry for the right side being a little darker, I was in a hurry to get these on the blog and ice cupcakes for Jon's birthday yesterday.

The top picture of this insert is possibly my favourite (sorry for terrible photo quality). Jon helped his dad take their dogs Snoopy and Dante to the vet this week.

Here's the right side. The top left photo is our neighbour lady and a friend shovelling the little bit of snow we had. The right picture is Gracie sleeping on her head by the window. I included a comic from the book I'm reading because it describes my life right now perfectly. I also included a book Jon got in the mail and was super excited about. Jon's friend visited this week and we played boardgames with him.

This the washitape paperclip I slipped onto this week's insert. I wanted something to tell other people who were flipping through that there was something on the backside of this page so they didn't miss anything. I think its a subtle way to draw attention to it.

Have a great weekend!


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