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Project Life: Week Eleven

This post is long overdue, but there's been a lot of work happening, and I currently have issues with updating this at work. I've also been debating the future of  this blog. I want to do more than just crafty things, but that would involve another name change, or another blog, or something I haven't quite decided upon yet.

Until I figure that out, I'll keep posting my Project Life layouts and crafty things here. So, here's week eleven. I've been keeping up with making the layouts, but falling behind when it came to photographing and posting them here.

This week had a lot of photos that I wanted to include, and when I made it, I was trying to adjust my style a little bit and try being a little more creative with my layouts. Right side is Design C.

Here's the left side of my week. I used a variety of cards from Blush, Midnight, 5th and Frolic, and the March Studio Calico Kit. I try to keep my photos in chronological order as best I can, but I tend to group them in a straight line when I can't. 

This is the front side of my full page insert. It's design D. I didn't really want to journal about any of the photos on this page except the bottom left one, and since it was a vertical photo I just used pic frame to make it a 4x4 square and adhered it to a 4x6 blush card. I used my cricut to cut out the white shape next to it, and wrote my journaling on it so it would stand out a bit more. 

This bottom left photo of the left page, I stamped on a scrap of paper and adhered it to the photo. I wanted to draw attention to the photo and the silly expression on her face. I asked her to say cheese and that was the face she made

This is the second half of my layout. I used another card from the SC March kit, some blush cards, and a couple background cards by MAMBI (me and my big ideas). 

Here's the left side. I used the to left card to journal about the icing I accidentally smeared on the cupboard, and I used the bottom card to journal about Jon's Warhammer photos throughout the layout. I like to include his painting progress whenever I can because creating this album is my hobby, and I feel it's important to include bits of his in here. Plus the mat in the bottom left corner is super awesome! It's like a super fancy car mat, and I would absolutely drive cars on it. 

Here's the right side of my week 11. Jon's birthday was this week (hence the cupcakes). We didn't have a fancy dinner or anything for him since we were bothy working, but we took the cupcakes to work and shared, and then a couple days later my sister came by and we ate the cake. 

I used a similar stamp as the beginning of my layout, but it says this guy instead of this kid. I also stamped on the card below it because the journaling went with the photo on the previous page. 

My layouts could be prettier, but I don't always have the time to spend hours on a layout so I make them simple. Perhaps I'll go back and embellish more in the future when I have time. But ten years from now, no one will concern themselves with how much embellishing I did or what products I used. At least I hope not. 

Have a great day!


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