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Project Life: Week Nine

Hooray for being all caught up, and getting this post ready for the week after. This week wasn't all that eventful, doing something exciting every week is hard.

This week I used the Maggie Homes core kit. I tried to stick to navy and green so I could use green tape on my month card. I choose my kit based on the pictures usually. this week they were really dark, but I managed to keep the page a little brighter with mostly white cards.

Here's the left side of my week 9. I try and reuse what sticky notes I can for planning, so I keep those on the inside edge of the album cover. I included the little bit of painting Jon got done this week to fill up a couple spots that would have been hard to fill otherwise.

Here's the right side, I rarely edit my photos, and I obviously missed that my sweater got into this shot. I didn't want to drag the step ladder into the craft room. I try and keep my week's journaling to one 4x6 whenever possible. I included a couple shots from dinner this week, and dying my sisters hair (which I do roughly twice a year).

I feel like we're getting into a routine of doing the same things each week (trying to change that up a little bit), and instead of using similar photos every week or a board game that we play roughly every week. My goal this month is to do something exciting at least one week out of the month, like take a trip somewhere, try a new recipe, or play a new board game. Hopefully spring comes soon and then I can do things outside and document those as well!

Have a great weekend!


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