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Project Life Week Two

Good morning! I hope you're all having a wonderful week. I think I'm going to designate a specific day to posting my PL pages each week, I just haven't decided what day yet. If anyone knows of any PL link ups, I'd love to hear about them, and possibly link up with other people. 

This week was a little bit busier, than week one, but not crazy. I'm getting into the mindset of 'hey, this is something I'll want to remember in 5 years, maybe I should be taking pictures'. Plus where my nieces and nephews are concerned, they grow up so fast that it's important to take pictures of them. This week I had too many pictures for one page, but not enough for two full pages to I cut one in half. I know that there are insert pages made this way, but living in the middle of nowhere, I worked with what I've got. 

This week, I visited my niece at my moms and we played with blocks. Our tower was taller than she is before it toppled over. I managed to snap a few pictures of our progress and she enjoyed looking at them afterwards. Jon's family also came over for dinner to celebrate Jon's Mom's birthday. His dad loves doing family photos when we all get together so I scanned the one he gave us and put a copy in our album.

Jon and I were responsible for making the cake. Needles to say  it didn't go well. I baked the cake the morning before the party and we think it didn't cool long enough before we tried to take it out of the pan so the cake started falling apart. We ended up cutting a portion of the cake off and icing over the open edge. It was still good, but I much prefer cupcakes or a single layer cake.
The picture and cards on the right side of this page, are from next week. I'm exploring options for a tab to put on the edge of the 'insert' so people remember that they're separate pages.

Both of these pages were made using the Blush Edition by Becky Higgins. 

Have a great day!


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