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Project Life Storage

On Friday, I mentioned that some of the girls were using Raskog Carts and Antonius inserts for their PL cards and other craft supplies. I'm a bit ashamed by how many core kits I have, but eventually I'll use them all...right? Thanks to the ladies over at Project Lifers on Facebook, I found a super practical way to store my PL cards and have them easily accessible.

This is the Antonis insert from Ikea. It fits perfectly into the Raskog cart, and perfectly holds PL cards. The centre slots are 6" wide, and the left and right slots are 3" wide.

This is the Raskog cart. I love this color so much. It matches our bedroom, but compliments the purple of my craft room nicely. It's a little taller than I thought it would be, and I'm considering taking the wheels off and making a permanent space for it.

This is my Raskog cart with 12 core kits in it. I fit four complete core kits into each Antonius insert. I spent two days sorting the cards into piles: Grid Journaling, Line Journaling, Filler, Background, Title, First & Last. Some people sorted these categories by colour, I might do that eventually, but for now it works as is. 

I made dividers out of white cardstock. I cut them to 2 7/8 x 4 1/2 so they fit into the inserts. I typed out the categories with the core kit name, and printed them onto clear labels and put them on the top of the dividers.
 tried to keep kits with similar colour palettes or themes together.
5th & Frolic, Blush, Dear Lizzy core kit & Maggie Holmes core kit went on the top. Coral, Jade, Honey & Kraft went on the middle shelf, and Midnight, Sunshine, Cinnamon & Rain went on the bottom. I put them in this order because the top has the kits I'm currently using in my PL album, and the others I've used, or plan to use on other projects I have on the go.

I really want to get another of these (in the charcoal grey) for my stamps. I need a new way to store my clear stamps, I have too many for the binders now, and I feel this would be a good idea!

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