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Project Life Week Four

Good morning lovelies. Today we have yet another project life spread. This one had more photos that I wanted to include, so it got an insert (another half page). 

Here's the first half. This entire week was completed using the 5th & Frolic Edition by Becky Higgins, and photos taken by myself and Jon. 

This week Jon had another tournament and got an entire page to his hobby.

First up, the left side of page one. My photos that I ordered for my Vancouver album finally came in, we tried a new game (the name is the best part), a sneak peak of my Vancouver album, and I shared a glimpse of what to happens at work.

The first side of my insert has the writing Jon did on my window after work one night, one thousand gifts (the book I finished near the start of the week), and my workspace while I worked on my letters one afternoon when Jon was working. 

On the back side, I have my PL collection, the book I started and finished between the middle to end of the week, and a list of highlights from our week. 

Last but not least, I have the photos from Jon's tournament on the weekend. 

Have a great week everyone!


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