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Project Life: Week Twenty-One

Good morning! Hope all of my American readers had a great long weekend! Today I'm sharing my spreads from week 21. This was a full two page spread with an insert. The insert was made using half of a design C page. Probably my favourite page for inserts.

This week I used cards from Studio Calico, Honey, Maggie Holmes Styleboard, Amy Tangerine Plus One. I think there's one or two more cards in there that don't fit any of those, but I've been forgetting to write down what I used each week. 

Here's the left side. This week I went with a red/pink colour theme throughout. I babysat my niece while my brother and his girlfriend celebrated their anniversary. They got engaged but didn't tell me until the next day, but I included that in here because it was special.

The front of the insert has Jon's painting from the week. I love how well these rainbow guys turned out. they're my favourite. Which is why they're on the front.

Here's the right side and the back of the insert. 

Just some models Jon built. Not really exciting so I hid them on the back of the insert.

Here's the right side. I included Jon's work selfie, and him and my niece playing legos. I used to be concerned about cutting people's heads off, but since she's in the picture right next to it, I was okay with it. Even if she wasn't I would have journaled about who was in the photo. In the bottom right corner I journaled about work closing down for renovations for the summer, and what that basically entailed.

Thanks for visiting my blog! I hope to see you again on Wednesday when I share the decorations I made for my mom's Canada Day birthday celebration!

Have a great day!


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