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Project Life: Week Twenty-Two

Today I'm sharing my spread for week 22. This was a semi-busy week as we spent the weekend visiting my Grandma and Great Grandma. It was a fun weekend nonetheless. 

*Unfortunately I found out yesterday that my Great Grandma passed away. I'm glad that she's no longer suffering, and that we could see her this one last time before she went. When I share week 28 I'll share my tips for including loss in Project Life.*

This week I used paper from My Mind's Eye, and cards from Studio Calico, 5th & Frolic, Polkadot Party, and Daydreamer. I also used some corrugated alphas. 

Here's the left side.The title card was made using My Mind's Eye Bloom paper. It came from their 6x6 pad. I included a photo of what work looked like this week since I got to see some of the demo (though I haven't been back since).

The right hand side has photos from the six hour drive to my Grandma's house and our stop in the mall. We took my niece with us so she could play with my cousins more than just one day. We had to stop halfway at the mall so my sister could get her phone fixed, so I bought my niece a new colouring book and a Frozen story book that kept her quite entertained on the second half of the trip, until she fell asleep holding the colouring book.

I also made a full two page spread with an insert from the birthday party my grandma arranged for my Great Grandma in the nursing home. It was hard to see her like that, but I'm glad I got to see her. Just a tip, don't ever drink nursing home juice, unless you have no tastebuds. It was awful! But the cake was delicious (my Grandma bought it from the local Co-op).

Here's the left side. I didn't do much journaling about her party, but I included the photos of everyone with her. Her son and his wife, the flowers we bought her and the cake.

I also included a few photos of my adorable cousins and my niece. (Top photo is my uncle with his youngest daughter. Bottom is my niece and my uncles two children)

Here's the right side and the back of the insert.

I included some things that weren't necessarily about my Great Grandma on the back. Like the ring I made Jon using the kids toys (we had this ongoing bet that I'd propose to him first and I did with that ring!) and the plaid pants he coloured in my niece's colouring book.

The right side had various photos of everyone that attended the party, It was great to see all of them. One thing I dislike is over embellishing the photos. When I have a whole page of photos, I don't like adding extras if I don't have to. I feel like it takes away from the photos. It's all personal preference of course.

Hope you have a great day!


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