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Project Life: Week Twenty-Four

Good morning! On Monday I shared week 23, and it completely slipped my mind that the first portion of this week ties into the last portion of that week. Because my weeks don't keep the weekends together (it has to do with the month cards I chose) sometimes my weeks kind of overlap. 

Last week the second half of my trip started off that spread, this week, the tournament photos from Sunday ended up starting off this spread. I put my title card on the right hand side to keep the tournament photos together. For this portion of the spread I used cards from the Midnight edition, Amy Tangerine Plus one, and We R Memory Keepers Blackboard.

The left side was just more tournament photos, and Jon's chicken scratch journaling. I love that he's happy to be a part of this. I hand him the page and say "could you journal about these pictures on the blank cards. Just write whatever you want, it's your input for the week". He's great about getting me his photos that he wants included too. I'll just say "send me your photos from this week or you don't get to contribute"

Here's the right side. I included his model assembly, my experience with extreme couponing, the movie we saw this week, and the new Wii U and games we picked up.

Here's the second part of my week. This was Thursday morning. I used cards from Midnight, and Studio Calico. The bottom right card was a 4x6 I cut in half and used on this side and the back side of the insert. The insert is a design F page cut in half.

I was visiting my niece at my moms and we were blowing bubbles for the first time this year. It was a little cool and windy, but we made the most of it. I journaled about our blowing bubbles. It took her a little while to get the hang of it, and she's still jealous that I can get a lot out of it and she can only get a few.

Jon came by to blow bubbles with us, and she got some chalk on her face. This bottom right card was a 4x6 and I cut it in half. it says "P.S. You're adorable". The two 3x4 Photos were actually taken after we finished blowing bubbles, but I had a bunch of 3x4s so instead of using half of a design A, I cut down a design F an put her and Jon blowing bubbles at the top on either side of the insert.

Here's the back of the insert and the right hand side. I used different background cards from a variety of kits to complete the right hand side.

The back of the insert. We made a hopscotch, and she tosses the rock and jumps (both feet) to that square, picks it up and tosses it a little further. It's cute. On the right in the middle, is the other half of that card. It says "yes you are". I thought it was perfect for her because she's adorable. I journaled about how she plays hopscotch. She'll hear about it when she's older.

She asked me to help her draw the family. It started out with just her parents, and turned into her drawing her parents, the baby they're expecting, her grandparents (my parents) and her aunties and uncles. It took the entire sidewalk from my moms house to the street, but she had a blast. This is how she got chalk on her face. 
When her mom came to pick her up she was beyond excited to show her all her pictures that she drew for papa (my dad). It rained that night and when she came back the next day she was so heartbroken that her pictures had washed away a little bit and she asked me to help her fix them.

This week was pretty photo heavy and here's the end of it. On Saturday we attended the wedding of one of Jon's friends from Highschool. It was extremely country. Not pictured is the insert I made to put the wedding invitation, and program into. I just used a 6x8 page protector (which they fit into perfectly). I used cards from Dear Lizzy, Jade, 5th & FRolic, and Studio Calico.

In the top right corner, I used the signature they had on the little brown bags from their candy bar to put a title on this layout. Jon took a few photos from the ceremony and I journaled about how the groom drove a tractor and a hay wagon with his groomsmen on it, and the bride tried to hide behind the cars before walking down the aisle. Their vows were sweet and the bugs weren't too terrible.

Here's the right side. The wedding party all rode out on the hay wagon. They continued their country theme to the reception where they had sunflowers and burlap. It was very simple, but so beautiful. I also snapped a picture of jon in the car. The card in the middle on the right says "let the fun begin".

This week wasn't particularly busy, but had a lot of photos. So many memories I wanted to keep.
Hope you have a great week!


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