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DIY Mod Podge Jar

I've been slowly settling into my craft room and trying to get myself organized. I've also been working really hard on keeping up with the blog, and all of my penpals. The challenge I'm currently facing is making time for everything after working all day. I really need to figure out how to balance everything, or start making sacrifices. That being said, I've been trying to make really simple things for the blog that help me get organized in my craft space, and around the house, or for my penpals. That way I can get a bunch of things done at once. That being said, some of my posts may contain things pertaining to other aspects of my life (work, penpals, organizing the house).

While organizing, I realized that it didn't make sense for me to have all my writing pens in my carousel on my desk if I have a small writing desk where I'll be writing all my letters. I found an empty jar and decided that it was boring so I dug out some tissue paper and my mod podge and made the jar prettier.

I used wrap & unwrap tissue paper that I picked up at a Chapter's Book Store, and some twine I had laying around.

I used two colours of twine and tied them in a bow.

I folded the ends down over the bottom, and put a scrap piece over it to secure them.

I don't have an official tutorial for this, but to do something similar with tissue paper or other paper, start by covering the outside of your jar or container with mod podge. Starting with the middle of your paper press it onto the jar gradually moving out to the edges. Let it sit for a while then brush mod podge over the top of the paper to seal it. Feel free to add embellishments to the jar as desired.

So simple and so quick. You could have kids do it with little squares of different coloured tissue paper!

Hope everyone has a great day!


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