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Project Life: Week Forty-Six & Forty-Seven

Today I'm sharing week 46 & 47. Both weeks had very few photos so I combined them into a two page spread. I've had weeks where I had one page and half of an insert, but never one single page for two weeks in a row.

This week I used 5th & Frolic, and one card from Studio Calico. My 5th & Frolic was just sitting there, calling to me and saying "Hey, you haven't included me in too many of your spreads lately. How about you do these two weeks with just me!". It doesn't match my photos very well, but I'm pleased with how it turned out.

Here's the left side. This is week 46. This week wasn't very eventful, mostly just work, and  the bottom left card is journaling about how Socks was lost, then found.
We have a girl from work staying in our basement, and when she left for work at 7:30am he got out. She didn't tell anyone until she got to work at 8:00am, and they told her she needed to call us ASAP. So she called Jon, and he woke me up and we did a couple laps of the block, checked the yard, under the cars, etc. There was some fresh snow so we followed some kitty tracks into the neighbors yard, and then they mixed with a dozen other kitty tracks. We eventually got too cold to keep looking, and Jon had to run to work, so we went for breakfast. I posted on the local yardsale page, and a few other local pages, asking people to keep an eye out for him. Later that afternoon my mom walked over and told me she heard a weird noise in my garage. We went out to investigate and found Socks hiding in the rafters. Apparently my cat hates Jon (he sprays him with water when he's bad) which would explain why he didn't make a sound when Jon was calling for him. He wasn't too cold, but he was exceptionally dirty. His little white feet were brown, and he was so excited to see my mom (of course). I was just glad he wasn't frozen somewhere.

Here's the right side. This is week 47. I baked with my niece, but didn't take any photos of us baking, so I included photos of the mess I had to clean up when I got home from work that night, and journaled about baking with her.

I print my photos on Matte photo paper. I think its from Kodak, it very much resembles cardstock, and I just use my white gel pen to write on my photos. Others add text in photoshop and simply print them off with their journaling on the photo.

Thanks for coming by! When you don't have enough photos for a two page spread do you combine weeks, or add other things to fill up the space?

Have a great day!


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