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Project Life: Week Forty-Two

Good morning! Today I'm sharing week 42. Back in October before the snow fell. It's hard to believe that there was ever a time when we didn't have snow. It seems like forever ago that I could see the ground, now everything is buried in 2 feet of snow, and it's still snowing. This past week we had snowfall warnings for the entire province. Some places were forecasting up to 70 cm. It's crazy that this is a real thing. The roads weren't the greatest, but they're still travel-able if you have somewhere you absolutely need to be. Luckily we live in town, and the street we live on, is only two houses away from a street that was recently plowed (I believe they did it early last week) so we have no reason not to make it to work. Alright, enough about the weather.

This week I used some cards from Midnight, as well as Studio Calico. I also used my Ali Edwards story stamp from September. The "Fall in Love" card is a wallpaper for my phone that I downloaded from The Wonderforest (here). It fits right into this spread, and I love all the wallpapers I downloaded (which of course was all of them).

Here's the left side. I wanted to use the 10 card from studio calico, and the "a quintessential autumn moment" so I decided on a black and orange-ish yellow for this week. Which of course was perfect because most of my photos are he beautiful orange-ish yellow trees!

Here's the right side. I used a couple of stamps from the Ali Edwards "Story Stamp" you can learn more about the Story Stamp here.

Usually when I print two 3x4 photos side by side, I cut them apart, but in the bottom right pocket I wanted a before/after shot of one corner of the craftroom. I bought a small Kallax from ikea and sold the large bulky drawer unit I had there before, and wanted to document my excitement over pretty craftroom furniture! I spent so much time in there, that little things like that make me very excited.


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