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#myselfiescrapbook | Week 2

Good morning! Today I'm sharing the pages from my selfie scrapbook for the Week 2 prompt. You can find the prompt on Jen's blog here.

Here's the beginning of my pages for week 2. I love layers and different sized pages, and see-through elements, and I think that's obvious in these pages. I also love labels and tags and cutting things up.
Originally, I had the two 4x4 photos with the tag in the middle, but decided to add the "Yep I take photos of myself" card in between them. I might move it later on, but I like it here for now. It came from the Ali Edwards Click Story Kit, which you can purchase HERE until the 15th of May.
On the back of side I used the card that says "photos" over and over and just used it like a patterned paper. I added a paper heart to the back of the "me" wood veneer, a paperclip from Amy Tangerine and a wood veneer that says "love this". I added the paperclip to hold everything in the pockets. I thought about stapling, or sewing them, but decided I liked the look of the paperclip more.

I added a label, a chipboard star and the bottom half of the sticker to the top of this photo. The rest of the sticker went in the bottom right corner of the left photo. It's definitely my favourite photo from this week. On the right side, I wanted some see-through elements, so I cut a piece of clear plastic and adhered a label to either side of it for my journaling. I love that they're just floating in the pockets, but also serving a purpose.Those photos weren't traditional "from where I stand" photos, but I included them anyway.

On the back side I have two more photos and more labels. On the right side I included the "20 things about me" that I was tagged in on Instagram. It was something neat so I included it in my album on a piece of book paper. I painted some gesso over the page and added a label and flair to the center and paraphrased my 20 things from Instagram to fit onto this page.

They wouldn't all fit on the front, so I added some to the back and drew my own lines (like Ali Edwards does all the time). I had so much fun creating pages this week. So looking forward to the next few prompts, and trying to take selfies beyond the prompts, and include those as well.

Thanks for coming by to see my pages this week! It's still not too late to join in on the fun and start your selfie scrapbook!
Have a great day!


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