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Project Life | Week 8

Good morning! I hope you all had a nice Easter. My Grandma from Saskatchewan came out to visit us, and everyone except my sister made it to dinner. My baby sister is currently in IRELAND of all places, until later this week. I'm so happy for her, and so glad she was fortunate enough to go on this trip with her band group. I'm definitely looking forward to creating an album of some sort for her to remember her trip! I'm also looking forward to her coming home and being able to talk to her about her it! Ireland is on the top of my "to visit" list!

Today I'm sharing my spreads for Week 8. This week was pretty uneventful, lots of crafting, a trip to the city to pick up some furniture for the house. This week I used up some more of my Studio Calico stash.
Here's the left side of my spread. Caught Jon and Gracie cuddling on the couch right after I'd asked her to come sit with me. Jon and I watched "The F Word" which was conveniently changed to "What If". Tori and I made a beautiful ball to hang in her room. Mom's Sunday School class made them at church the previous week, and she had some leftover supplies. It was supposed to be a prayer ball, on which they write things they were going to pray for, but Tori just wanted to make a pretty ball to hang in her room. She's the cutest! I also finished the cover, and put all the ribbon on the tags of my mini album for Gracie. It turned out beautifully!
Here's the right side. I used the tag card to create a quick summary of the things that happened this week. After my haircut on Wednesday, Jon and I went to Edmonton. We picked up all the new entertainment furniture for the livingroom, and had dinner at Montana's. I got some new books in the mail (I've read all of them already) and a new coffee mug. It's so ME! I also finished my mini album for socks, and worked on one of the tags for Gracie's album. The stamp I used is this one, from Kellie Stamps. I'm currently waiting for another order of stamps to arrive in the mail, and can't wait to use them!!

Thanks for coming by to check out my spread for Week 8. 
I hope you all have a wonderful day!!


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