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23 | Little Things I Want to Remember Right Now

Ali Edward's encouraged those of us in her Type Workshop to document some things we want to remember about right now. There was no limit on how many, no suggestions on things you might want to remember. I decided to do a minimum of 23 things I want to remember, and to share them here. I'm writing this list in May, and I'm sharing the layout I made using these words tomorrow.

The way Tori says "I love you the most"
How happy and giggly Emmett is
Jon's beard scratching and tickling my skin
The way Gracie lays on her side and stretches out and tells me about her day while I pet her
Socks singing us "the song of [his] people" at all hours of the day (and at night)
The smell of the lilacs - even if it is a little overwhelming at times
How much I love the Pitch Perfect 2 Soundtrack
Gracie trotting to the front door to greet us when we get home
My collection of owls. Soon I'll need a room just to store them all
The smell of a new book
My current favourite songs
    • Stressed Out by 21 Pilots
    • Fight Song by Rachel Platten
    • Blank Space by Taylor Swift
    • Bright by Echosmith
    • Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran
My obsession with making mini albums
The obscene amount of money I spent on T-shirts to support a sort-of-stranger who is becoming an Instagram friend
Jon and I planning our wedding and we're not even engaged yet
The amount of fun I had creating my mixed media cards for One Little Word
Cuddling on the couch with Jon & Gracie watching Netflix
How close my sister and I are growing as she gets older
Bonding with my mom and my sister over our mutual likes/dislikes
My parents gradually mending their relationship after years of arguing
Adjusting to my new phone, and learning about all of it's awesome features
The pressure from my mom to get married
Warm showers and their ability to relax me
The smell of coffee in the morning
Tomorrow I'm sharing the layout I made using the words from this post. I chose a different photo, and I'm so happy with how it turned out!
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