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Project Life | Week 13

Good morning! I'm so happy that I have a Project Life spread to share this week. I feel like it's been forever since I shared one (I checked. It's been a month). Today I'm sharing Week 13, and it feels like this week happened in another lifetime.

This week I used a lot of my stash. A bit from Studio Calico, and some blue cards I found in my stash. I recently sorted them by colour, and I love how much easier it is for me to find cards. I just need to go back and put the colours in order so I'm not flipping through everything in the blue section looking for a navy blue card.
Here's the left side. Jon was in Chicago until the start of this week. The selfies of Gracie and I were the night before he came home. She missed him and was forcing me to cuddle with her because she was lonely. I also took my desk apart only to put it back together. I'm still debating getting rid of it and getting something a little smaller and changing the layout of my room a tiny bit. I also read two books at the start of the week. I LOVED Chris Hadfield's book. It made me realize how small my life really is in the grand scheme of things. This I Know was really beautiful as well. I didn't get a ton out of it, but I really enjoyed it. If you've lost someone really close to you, I definitely recommend it.
Here's the right side. One day it was snowing and the next day it was already melting. It snowed before Jon got back, and I left it until he was home to shovel (I hurt my back doing it a couple of times, and so I've resigned to the fact that I won't be doing it). I finally forced myself to finish Travelling to Infinity by Jane Hawking. It was dry, but I enjoyed learning more about them. She's such a strong woman, and I admire her strength. I'm a photo ninja, and snapped one of my sister before her final Honor Band performance before she leaves for Ireland. I also snapped a photo of Socks, the angry cat.

Thanks for coming by to see this spread. I finished it a while ago, I just never got photos taken of it. After what I'm referring to as "the great catch up" of 2015, I photographed 9 weeks of spreads and I'm working on some posts for those as well.

Have a great day! On Wednesday I'm sharing my mixed media "I am" cards for One Little Word. I think it's one post you're going to want to see!



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