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23 | Places I'm Going to Visit

Originally this post was going to be things that inspire me. But I felt that was too open because a lot of things inspire me (books, movies, a hundred million quotes, craft spaces, everything on Pinterest, etc.) so I'm saving that one and maybe I'll do multiple "things that inspire me" posts in the future. I realize that I'm going away from just the crafty things I used to post, and more into Lifestyle/Creative blogging, and I find myself enjoying it. I enjoy sharing glimpses into my life as well as my creative projects. I've been thinking a lot about changing my blog, and possibly moving to another platform (like typepad), doing some rebranding, and possibly opening a small shop where I could sell some of the projects I make and would love to share with the world!

1. Ireland | Not any particular part of Ireland, I want to see as much of the country as I can. My sister was fortunate enough to go to Ireland earlier this year (in April) with her band group and I was so jealous! I could have signed up to go as a chaperone, but couldn't afford it at the time of the payments. I've agreed to make her a scrapbook of her trip (she can fill in all the journaling) but living through her experience isn't enough for me. I need to see the country firsthand and enjoy every second of it!

2. Scotland | Again, not just one part, I want to see as much of the country as possible. I love their accents, and of course the red hair that my Scottish (and Irish) ancestors gave me. Maybe it's all the styled and edited photos all over Pinterest of various parts of the country, or the fact that I have a thing for castles and wide open country side, or my love of learning the history of various places, but Scotland is one place I NEED to visit. It's been on my bucket list since 2012.

3. London, England | The accents, the red phone booths, the double deck buses and THE Royal Family are just a few reasons I want to see London. The architecture, and the history are a few others!

4. Germany | I literally can't narrow it down to one place in Germany I want to see. I want to see a lot of the country, and after following Paige Evans on Instagram and seeing all her beautiful photos, I could possibly live there! I want to see the history, the colourful architecture, and the country. I know that to most people WWII was far too serious for them to ever visit Germany (or Austria) but I still want to go, and I want to see those things. It's not the same reading about something as it is seeing it.

5. Austria | I don't think it makes me a terrible person that I want to see the concentration camps from WWII. I'm definitely not a history buff, but I've enjoyed plenty of historical fiction, and learning about it all was so interesting to me in school. WWII was the one subject that I actually cared to learn about.

6. Italy | The food and the architecture are the two main reasons I want to go to Italy. It looks BEAUTIFUL there, and after reading Eat, Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, I NEED to go to Italy and eat some real Italian food. I also want to take in the architecture while we still have the opportunity.

7. Greece | The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants opened my mind to the idea of visiting Greece. While I don't particularly like hot, humid places, I want to see a lot of the history of Greece. I love the architecture, and it's something I think everyone should experience while it's still there.

8. Australia | As much as I dislike hot climates, and bugs the size of small children, I still want to visit Australia. A friend I met in college spent a month in Australia and loved it. I burn easily, but I'd absolutely love to visit some of the wonderful ladies I've met online from there, including my penpal from the One Little Word Facebook Group.

9. China | Jon's dad's family is from China, and him and his parents went a few years ago. They enjoyed it, and I absolutely want to see it. Their architecture is so incredibly unique and I can't imagine being around for millions of years and losing a lot of your history. He talks about their trip a lot and it makes me want to go more every time!

10. Tokyo, Japan | I'm not as interested in Japan as other countries. I'd be fine with just seeing Tokyo, even though I know that's probably not the best way to take in the culture of the country. It is, however the only part of Japan that has piqued my interest.

11. Russia | Even with all of the unrest in the country, it's somewhere I want to visit. I don't know a ton about Russia, but I know that it has incredible history that I'd love to learn more about, and see pieces of for myself.

12. Canada's East Coast | I've never been further than Manitoba, and I want to change that. I want to at least see a portion of every province and territory in Canada, and while I've seen from BC to Manitoba, that's not even half the country. I'd like to start by seeing Newfoundland & Labrador, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia. It looks beautiful out there, and I think it would be a wonderful trip!

13. Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Like I said, I've never been east of Manitoba (Winnipeg to be exact) and I definitely need to see Toronto. A friend from England has been in Toronto since December or January and seeing her exploring the city and sharing her photos on Instagram makes me want to visit it ASAP.

14. Niagra Falls, Ontario | A few people I know have been there and said it was amazing. I've seen pictures, and all that and I need to go! I love waterfalls, and magnificent things. It's something I think everyone should see if they have the chance. I'm not one for tourist-y things or places (this list says otherwise) but I want to see the world!

15. San Fransisco | Thanks to Full House, and the Golden Gate Bridge, of course this would be on my list. I'm clearly very much impacted by the media and my love of bridges (seriously though). At this point it's almost safe to say I just want to see every major tourist attraction around the world.

16. Paris, France | I don't speak any French (except maybe Bonjour, merci and counting to 10) but I want to see the Eifle tower and all the beautiful architecture. My cousin and her husband honeymooned in France and their photos were beautiful. I clearly live vicariously through my family and friends and their travels.

17. Amsterdam, Netherlands | The beautiful architecture more than anything is what draws me to this place. The colorful houses are so beautiful and I need to see them all!

18. Las Vegas, Nevada | Not to gamble. Not for the food. Not because it's a tourist destination. There's a junkyard of old signs in/near Las Vegas, and I'd love to see it. I've also seen a lot of the city in movies, but I want to see it myself (always).

19. Tree House Point, Washington | Thank you Pinterest. It's full of all these cool places around the world, and Tree House Point is no different. I love trees, and camping (minus the bugs) and I think it would be so cool to sleep in a tree house. I always wanted one, but out here we don't have trees that are generally sturdy enough to support a tree house.

20. Banff National Park | Considering that I live in Alberta, and have only driven through the mountains twice (during the same vacation) is amazing. My family didn't do "vacations" when I was younger, so the first time I got close to the mountains I was 19, and was traveling with two friends out to Vancouver Island for two weeks. The second time, we were coming back from the Island.

21. Oregon | The internet is full of beautiful looking photos (of course) and that includes beautiful photos of Oregon. I love the trees and how green everything is in the warmer months. I imagine people who live there don't see it the way I do, but it's definitely on my list!

22. Iceland | It looks so beautiful! Growing up I always assumed that it was an island made out of ice (like the North Pole), but obviously it's not, but even if it was that would be so cool to see!

23. Norway | The internet makes it look so beautiful, but more than that, I want to see as much of the world as I can. I've seen so many pretty photos from Norway, and I think I might have some distant relatives there, so of course I want to see where my family came from (basically all over Europe).

Go ahead, make a travel bucket list. This may very well become a layout. I'm having a lot of fun gradually working through the Type Workshop from Ali Edwards, and it's definitely inspiring me to tell more stories, and document different things I'd never have thought I'd want to remember in the future.


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