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December Daily | Days 8-14

Today I'm sharing days 8-14 of my December Daily album with all of you (so like 2 people). You can find days 1-7 (here) along with a list of supplies that I've been using throughout my album.

 Day 8; I managed to get my Christmas cards done back in September (or October) so all I had to do today was sit down and stamp a sentiment inside, and fill them out so we could deliver a few while we were in the city.

 Day 9; We drove to the city to see the Zoo Lights. A pre-trip selfie (of course). We don't like Starbucks, so I snapped a photo of our Tim Hortons, While stopped in traffic I snapped a photo of the Calgary Tower, and journaled a bit right on the photo.

I have yet to find a white pen that I like for writing on photos, but my Uniball works okay enough that I can generally still read it, so I keep using it. On the right, I accidentally burnt a few of my white embossed stars, but still love how it looks. I used a "bring on the twinkle" stamp from the 2014 Ali Edwards kit, but covered the twinkle portion and used the twinkle card.

Another flip pocket of course. Is it obvious that I'm addicted to making them?
Day 9 & 10; the left side is the last of day 9. We took a photo at the zoo with our friends kid who was so excited to be hanging out with us and at the zoo. The right side is a flip pocket with journaling for day 10.

 This is possibly the coolest thing I've ever made. The paper is from the 2015 Digital December Daily kit by Ali Edwards. I'd previously been playing around in photoshop with cropping some of the 6x8 papers into 3x8 because I didn't think I'd use that many full 6x8 pages. So I had a 3x8 of this paper (between the slight gold strip on the left and the circle star) and another I'd printed in 6x8.
When I adhered the 6x8 paper to the photo on the other side, I was trying to figure out how to add my journaling. I created a 3x8 piece in photoshop and adhered it to the back of the 3x8 of the tree paper and adhered them on top of the 6x8 piece to create a flip up. When it's flipped down they line up, and when it flips up you can read the journaling and still see the paper. After I did this, I thought "why didn't I just think of doing this before and cut the 6x8 to flip up". Oh well. I love how it turned out and unless you're looking for it, you might not see the journaling, which is fine.

 On the other side of the tree paper is a large photo. I love how this photo turned out. I blew it up to 12x8 and then cropped it into separate 6x8 pieces so I could print it out. I added a tag from this free set to the top right corner.

 Day 11; I adhered the paper on the left to the back of the photo. I made the envelope for day 11 from some vellum, and added a doily and pattern paper to the inside. I painted the number 11 gold and added a star clip to hold my journaling inside.
Typed journaling, and green embossing powder. Simple and done.
Day 12; On the back of the envelope I added a journaling card I made using Kellie Stamps MAGIC set (here) and the other half of the doily. For the right side, I scanned the chipboard wonky circle piece from the 2014 kit and made a cutfile from it. I knew the chipboard would be too thick for my album, but wanted to include it anyways. I cut two and adhered them back to back after adding various papers and embellishments a couple spots of short journaling.

 Day 12 & 13; The left is the remainder of day 12. The right is day 13. I love that photo of our tree. It's so beautiful. I journaled about being excited about having most of the gifts wrapped, and being able to simply enjoy the twinkling lights.

 I painted the number 13 with gesso, and when I flipped it over to put adhesive on the back, the paint wasn't completely dry and some of it peeled off. I love how it looks so I just left it.
 Day 14; A photo of Gracie cut in half to fit into the 3x4 pockets. I love adhering the wood numbers to the centre of the page. I also love those journaling cards from Wilna. On the right is the beginning of my foundation pages for the rest of the year. Lots of post it notes and numbers to mark the space I've set aside for each day. That divider I made might be moved. I used a digital paper from Ali Edwards' main kit and a cutfile from Wilna to create this divider, and one that's coming up later on in my album.

Thank you all for coming by to see my December Daily so far. Next week is two Project Life Spreads (on Monday & Wednesday) and then I'm taking a break to enjoy the holidays with my family. I'll be back sharing on the 28th of December. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I'll be sharing more December Daily in the new year.



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