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December Daily | 22-31

Happy Wednesday. Today I'm sharing the final pages of my December Daily album. I had so much fun with this project,  but towards the end I was obviously so done with documenting something from every single day of the month. I think that next year I'll stick to the first 25 days and just add the last week to my regular Project Life, or perhaps I'll do both, and keep December Daily to strictly holiday stories. We'll see how much my ideas change or stay the same come December.

Day 22; Jon was painting our Dungeons & Dragons models so we could play with fully painted characters over Christmas (I can't believe I just typed that). He also made a little 4 inch pizza and put it into a 14 inch pizza box, and told two of the waitresses they were getting a free pizza for Christmas. Does it make us horrible people for thinking it was hilarious?

The top left card flips open. I just glued the card to the pocket page because it opens on the other side.

Here's the rest of Day 23. I wanted to include the photo on the other side, but I also wanted to include these two other photos I took that day of the frosty trees.

For this photo, in Photoshop I separated it into separate 3x4 photos and changed the opacity of the top left section before adding my journaling and bringing all the pieces back together on a 6x8 piece. I added a couple of embellishments and called it done.

Day 24; my brother was snapchatting me about my niece coming over in the afternoon to hang out with us and watch a movie. I saved the picture of both kids to add to the album. My niece came over to colour some wrapping paper to wrap a gift her and her brother made their parents back in September. I'd put a picture they coloured together into a frame and wrapped it with our "DIY wrapping paper".

Day 24; I used a digital from this digital set of Kellie Stamps for the top card, and included a photo of our wrapping paper. It's beautiful!

Day 24; The turkey (of course) and some candid shots of my mom and my grandma with my nephew. I printed out an extra copy of each photo and gave it to them. My mom loves hers (I do too) and immediately put it on the fridge. I love that they were dancing and he was so excited about it.

I put some clear plastic stars from one of Ali Edwards' kits in the top pocket and taped it closed, added a wood veneer 24 and some sequins to another and stitched it closed and tucked some cards into the other pockets.

My parents, sister, brother, Jon and I played a few rounds of Cards Against Humanity after my other brother left with the kids. So much laughter. Then Jon (being the child he is) drew poop on the window.

An obligatory bokeh photo of my moms tree. It took us 15 minutes and three phones to get this shot and it's my favourite photo of her tree.

Day 25; A digital file from Ali Edwards (no longer available) a digital paper from one of the December Daily kits and a flair from Scrapbook and More.

On Christmas Day we had Christmas with Jon's family, and the trees were still frosty and beautiful. We went out into the field to test the new truck's off-roading, and I snapped this photo of the frosty trees. The quote just went perfectly with the feeling of the whole day.

For the top left card I used another digital file from Ali Edwards. On the right I put a label on a piece of patterned paper and added the wood veneer number on top.

This album has so many flip up cards, but the one on the left is my favourite. It captures Jon's personality perfectly and while he thinks it's a little embarassing, he was all for me including it in the album, and sent it to me when I said I was going to print photos. The card on the right just continues the December traditions from the front of the left card (I added them after I'd made the first flip card).

Day 26; the top left pocket is a transparent card with yellow circles on it. The bottom right card is just a pattern paper with gold thickers and a gold glitter heart. I love this page. We were just lounging and watching TV and Gracie got so comfy.

Day 27; I used the lines of the lights to add my journaling about having dinner with my parents.

Day 29; I used one of the little labels I made back in early December as a banner to document making some crafts with our friends daughter while they played a couple rounds of a boardgame.

Day 30; I tried out a new photo angle and stood on my chair to capture the game (Elora and I won) and everyone that was playing. Our friends were downstairs doing some laundry after one of them spilt paint on themselves earlier in the afternoon (sorry Nathan, it was a little funny) and we were hanging out with their daughter. We were on a team because she'd never played before.

Day 31; we stayed home and played some Dungeons and Dragons and then my parents came over and we played a couple rounds of Settler's of Catan before watching Pixels.

I used a digital stamp from the 2016 Kellie Stamps set (available when you purchase both the MAGIC and DECEMBER CIRCLES digital sets available HERE) to welcome in the new year. I used some gold items from my stash to say goodbye to 2015.

That's the end of my December Daily album. I'm so excited that it's finished. The album is so full, and I'm so happy with how it turned out. Next year I'm thinking ONE STORY per day might be the better way to go about this. But we'll see.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to direct you over to Kellie's blog where she is having a Creative Team call. I'm currently on her team, and she's beginning her search now for people to join her team starting in March 2016. For all the details you can visit her blog (here). I'm so excited to see who joins the team in March. She's asked myself and a few of the other ladies to hang around for all of 2016 (if we'd like) and I'm so happy that she did. I love her stamps and her team, and I couldn't ask for a better creative team to be on.

I hope you all have a wonderful day! I'll be back on Friday sharing....something. I haven't currently got a project finished to share, but I'll try and pull something together in time for a post on Friday!



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