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Project Life | Week 45

It's almost weird to know that this post is the second post of 2016. It's so weird to type that and I almost typed 2015 (of course). I just have a few more weeks of Project Life to share. I decided that I'd stop at week 48 and document all of December in December Daily instead of in weekly project life spreads that literally wouldn't fit into the album (it's so full).

Here's the left side. I listened to the Big Magic audio book (again) while doing some baking this week. My order from Color Cast Designs (here) arrived this week as well. I used a bunch of her embellishments in my December Daily album and I love how they look. Her acrylic pieces are my fave.

Here's the front of the insert. I was doing a lot of baking, and that cookie cake looks beautiful!

Here's the second half of the week. My birthday was this week, and the back of the insert and the left side of the right page cover my birthday.

The back of the insert contains the sunrise, our inappropriate sense of humor, and the only snow in the area on my birthday. Which is a little crazy.

Here's the right side. I accidentally was within touching distance of a Ferrari, had the cookie cake for my birthday instead of cake, and bought myself a few new books.

On Wednesday and Friday I'm sharing the last half of my December Daily album. I hope you'll come by and check out my pages.



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