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Hunting Layout | 3/24

One of my personal goals this year was to make 2 hunting layouts per month. So around 24 layouts this year. I didn't get any photos of the first layout, but you can see layout number 2 HERE. Today I'm sharing the third layout I've made this year.

I love when you sit down to create and the idea just comes together so well in your head, and translates easily onto the paper.

I love how simple this spread is. I love the corrugated strips. They just add a bit more texture to a pretty simple page. I also love that I had the digital copy of this photo and could put the appropriate day onto this spread.

After the second layout I cut out the leaves from the other page of paper I had with those leaves on it, then I found some printable leaves and printed them onto a woodgrain paper, and then used my silhouette to cut them out. Then I found a set of printable leaves I used on previous layouts and used my silhouette and some sketchpens to draw them and then cut an offset around the outline. I clustered the leaves along the top of the photos and love how they look.

This layout looks amazing in the frame, so if any of you reading this are local, you can pop into the Greenhead Motel & Mallard Restaurant and see this spread and all the other spreads I've made, hanging on the walls in the restaurant.

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