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#operationreadmore | January

This year I'm doing another reading challenge. This is the third year that I've done the challenge, and the last two years have gone completely differently.

 The first year, I stopped reading in the middle of the year and rushed to reach 50 books before the end of the year. Last year, I read 50 books by the end of summer so I increased my challenge to 72 books, and managed to complete that, but for a little while near the end I was afraid I wouldn't get there.

This year my challenge is 65 books. January was full of reading. I made my way through 8 books, but would have been happy with 4. I'm glad I was over in January because I've been busy this month and have only made it through one book. I'm using the challenge tracker on to keep track of the books I read, you can follow me (here).

The books I read this month were all really well written, but my favourite would have to be Rising Strong. Of course.

Here's a list of what I read this month;
The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith (here)
See Me by Nicholas Sparks (here)
Carry On by Rainbow Rowell (here)
Rising Strong by Brene Brown (here)
Still Alice by Lisa Genova (here)
The Unspeakable by Meghan Daum (here)
Brave Enough by Cheryl Strayed (here)
A Dance with Dragons by George R.R. Martin (here)

All the links above just take you to their Goodreads page with their descriptions. No reviews from me. I hate writing them. I either love or hate a book, but I make myself read it all the way through because I've had books that I started out hating and loved at the end.

Thanks for coming by to see my January books. If you're on Instagram, when I post a book I'm reading, I use the hashtag #operationreadmore to keep track of all my book-ish photos.

Have a great day!


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