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May 2015 | Travel Mini Album

Today's post is going to be a long photo heavy post. With our anniversary trip coming up this weekend, I figured it was time to finish our album from our trip last year. This album basically covers the drive down, the zoo, and a couple other small moments from the trip. During this trip my old iPhone actually died for good, and I lost a few of the photos I'd taken, so I used the ones that Jon had taken (which was most of them anyways because his phone camera was better than mine at the time.

I definitely prefer chunkier mini albums, but given that this trip happened last year, and this years trip was fast approaching, done is better than perfect, but of course I added whatever ephemera I had from the trip - movie tickets, parking passes, business cards, and a few flairs and random little pieces.

This flair is from this set by The Crafty Pocket. We had to take a photo of this because it was barely stuck on the 1000 point section and some random guy stopped us to high-five us because we won 1000 points on the pirate wheel in the arcade. We were over the moon about this. We have so much fun at the arcade.

I included the map from the zoo as well. I had to fold it a little more to make it fit inside the album, but I love how it looks. I did it in such a way that you can sort of unfold it without taking it out of the rings. Flair is from this set.

This random acrylic zebra piece has been in my stash for a while, so I just stuck it on the rings here with the photo of the zebra.

The penguins are easily my favourite section at the zoo. They're just so active and excited all the time. I love watching them swim. Flair is from this set.

Used Kellie Stamps from this set and this set and printed it on some acetate because I received these stamps after I'd already printed the photos, but still wanted to use them in this album.

The end. Thanks for coming by to see this mini album. Calgary is easily one of my favourite cities in the province. We don't think we could live there full time, but we absolutely love visiting and going to the zoo. I'm so excited to go again this weekend and see the penguins!

Have a great day!


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