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Hunting Layout 5/24

Today I'm sharing another hunting layout. I didn't make any in March, made 1 in April (this one) and trying to be okay with all of that. My hope is that I'll have a month or two where I make a bunch of extra layouts, and it will all balance out. My goal is to make 24 layouts (even though my sketch tracker only goes to August - more about that in a later post).

Today's layout features phrase stickers on labels I made using this set of new Kellie Stamps. I made a text box and printed the "hunt sleep repeat" onto the tag and love the result.

These phrase stickers have been on my desk for ages. I think someone needs to create a hunting stamp set (or several) so that I'd have things to stamp into these labels. I used the digital Wild kit from Ali Edwards (no longer available) to colour the labels to go better with the spread - even though the one orange printed a little more pink than I wanted.

Thanks for coming by to see this spread. I hope you have a wonderful day!


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