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23 | Things I Love

Today I've decided to share 23 things I love. I wanted to use these in a similar layout to the one Ali Edwards created for this month's story theme. She made one using the text from this post and I loved the idea so I wanted to make a list of "Little Things" that I could use to make a similar layout. Since my 23 | Things I'm Thankful For post wasn't full of the little things, I knew that I wanted this one to be. This list makes my heart happy and definitely deserves to be documented.
  1. When Gracie lays down on her side and stretches, then meows at me so I'll pet her.
  2. The smell of a new book
  3. How the sunshine shines through the crack of the blinds and across the floor
  4. The smell before, during and after a storm
  5. The feel of Gracie's soft little kitty paws when she stretches out and touches my face
  6. The prairies with their blue sky, fields, and wide open spaces
  7. How whenever I kiss Socks on the top of his little kitty head, he licks my nose
  8. The way my niece and I argue about who loves who more
  9. The first sip of coffee in the morning
  10. The grass poking and brushing my bare feet
  11. The way the frosty trees sparkle against the blue sky
  12. The sound of laughter
  13. How Jon's face lights up when he laughs or smiles at something I've said
  14. The softness of my favourite blanket
  15. The joy after completing a project that I'm proud of
  16. The smile that creeps onto my face when Jon says sweet things to me
  17. The feeling of joy when someone compliments my work
  18. Those first few moments before I'm completely awake
  19. Waking up beside my best friend (and sometimes Gracie)
  20. The hot sun and the cool breeze on my skin
  21. Accomplishing a goal
  22. Receiving a compliment from a stranger
  23. The colours of the sky
I hope this post inspires you to create lists of little and big things, and to document them in the form of a layout.
Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!


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