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Project Life | Week 11

Good morning. Today I'm sharing my spread for Week 11. This week was a busy one, so I have two full pages, and 3 inserts of varying sizes. It was fun to create some inserts that allowed me to see all the pages at once.

Here's my spread for Week 11. This week I used the Rain Edition from Becky Higgins. It went pretty well with the colours of my cousin's wedding, so I felt that it was a solid choice for this week. PLUS, I haven't used it much lately, and I needed a lot of cards in similar colours because I had a lot of pages/photos this week.

Here's the left side. I didn't take many photos at the start of the week, so most of these are from towards the end of the week. I made cookies for Jon's get together this weekend, and snapped some cute photos of Gracie, and Jon. We finished watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. So funny! The theme song is still stuck in my head. I read The Opposite of Loneliness (a must read!), and finished my vision board for One Little Word.

Here's the front of the first insert. I took a Design A page, and cut the top 4x6 slots off, all the way across. I considered keeping the strip along the left edge with the holes so it wouldn't slip down on the right side, but decided not to. So far it hasn't stuck out the bottom of my album, but if it does, I could always move it up to the top 2 rings to keep it from getting ruined.
Here I included the three movies I watched this week. I journaled a bit about all three of them on the card between Gone Girl and The Best of Me. I also included the photo from my 7AM layout. I've changed up the make up I use recently, and I really wish I had a photo of the make up I've used in the past. I think it'd be cool to see what I've changed, and what I've kept the same (though most of it has changed recently). I stamped and journaled on the bottom right photo.

Using a stamp from Freckled Fawn, I stamped "Here we go" on this photo. It was taken rather early in our trip, and I wanted to document that I went with my parents and my sister to my cousins wedding. I used black Staz On ink, and just used my fine tip sharpie pen to journal on my photo.

Here's the back side of the insert, and the beginning of the next few pages. I included the program from the ceremony, and just put it into a 6x8 pocket page that I sewed and trimmed a little smaller to fit the program.

Here's the back of the first insert. I finally won something from Roll Up The Rim at Tim Horton's. In the same day, I won 2 free regular coffee. My dad ended up using them both (I prefer mochas), and it was the least I could do since he bought both of my winning drinks. I snapped a couple photos of the guestbook table. Their guestbook was the posted with two wood slices on it. It was so cute! They also had some envelopes on the table with clothespins. They asked guests to write their address on the envelope and clip it onto a tree they had placed near the front of the church, and they mailed their thank you cards out in the pre-addressed envelopes. It was a great way to get addresses they didn't already have!

Using some more Freckled Fawn stamps, I stamped "Pure Joy" onto my photo, and "Yes" onto my journaling card. I stamped a little cup that says "Yum" on a scrap of paper, cut it out and used foam squares to adhere it to the card. I definitely need to stamp in my Project Life more. It adds the perfect little touches to cards and photos.

Here's the front of the second insert. I trimmed the right half off of a Design F pocket page. My sister took a few photos during the ceremony and then sent them to me. They're so cute together! In the little sequin pocket I included a couple of the fake flower petals that Tori picked up off the floor and handed to me after the ceremony, and the little tag off of their S'more wedding favours (so cute).

Here's the back of insert 2 and the front of insert 3.

On the back of insert 2, I used a couple cards from the Rain Edition to document little things about the day. They were the perfect cards to document what the day was about, and journal a bit about all the photos on this insert. The top photo on the left was them braiding a rope. It was a tradition I'd never seen before, but it was interesting. As she was braiding she said "I tried to teach will how to braid, but he still can't, so I guess I'll do it". I love when they can make jokes during the ceremony. Her dress was beautiful! She looked amazing!

Here's the front of insert 3. I cut the right hand side off of a Design D pocket page. During the lunch after the wedding, Tori stuck her glass on her face and was laughing about it. Cutest thing ever! With the help of her dad, and her bridesmaids, Kate made her center pieces. They're beautiful! There were flowers in the jar on the top.
After the lunch, Kate & Will had some photos taken with their families, and while Will was having his family photos taken, Tori asked if I'd take a picture of her and Kate. She thought she looked like a princess. It was sweet!

Here's the back of insert 3 and the right side. This spread is all about the trip home, and some failed attempts at selfies. Lots of journaling on photos, and a bit more stamping.

Here's the back of insert 3. I included my 7PM photo and some journalling about where we were and what we were doing.
The selfies. Oh boy. They're a little embarrassing, but I wanted to include them because they're an important part of the story, plus we laughed about them for AT LEAST half of the trip home. Also caught a picture of Tori colouring. Her dress was so cute! We sort of matched.

Here's the right side. I have a thing for taking photos of the country side while we're driving. I was trying to get a good one of the pink sunset, but it was too far away so it doesn't show up well in the photos.
More selfies, only one of them turned out really well (the second last one). I also made sure to take a selfie of my dress. I love it so much I almost didn't take it off. I also snapped a photo of a terrible park job because I was on the phone with Jon after we finished supper and I mentioned the terrible park job, and promised to send him a photo of it.

Of course I had to stamp on one more photo. Another Freckled Fawn stamp, and I journaled about the trip, and how we laughed ourselves to tears. I think I'll use that stamp more

Thanks for coming by to check out this photo-heavy spread for Week 11. I'll see you next week when I share Week 12.
Have a great day!


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