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A Little Bit of Crazy | My Life Lately

I know it's a Saturday, and I don't ever post on Saturday, but life has been a little crazy lately. I've been working on wedding invitations for my sister-in-law and it's been extremely stressful for me. It's definitely making me rethink a creative business, which is unfortunate because I love creating things. I've had to put a lot of my own projects on hold, including #myselfiescrapbook (which I was having a TON of fun creating).

Earlier this week Jon and I took a much needed mini-vacation. We went to Calgary for 3 days to celebrate our 3 year anniversary. We're such weird people (or maybe we're normal), and it was such an amazing few days. We shopped, played arcade games, saw Avengers, slept until noon, went to the zoo, shopped some more, saw Age of Adeline, bought me a new phone (my other one died before we saw Age of Adeline), and just enjoyed ourselves. Jon told his parents not to call unless work was on fire or someone died, and we didn't talk about his sisters wedding invitations, and we just enjoyed ourselves. We definitely needed it, and when we got back we dealt with all of our work drama and creative stress. Jon picked up a few new board games, so we had my sister over to try them out when we got back.

I'm reaching the end of these wedding invitations, and I'm looking at all the things I need to catch up on, and I'm thinking that there's going to be a little while where I likely don't have much of anything to post. I have a few projects on the go right now including 3 mini albums, my weekly project life, a travel album for my sister (format to be determined), a travel album for my grandma from the 90s, (need to organize the photos and put the cards in). I haven't worked on a Studio Calico card kit since the November kit (which I think I did after Christmas) and the December kit is open on a shelf somewhere waiting to be used and separated into my stash. I'm also trying to catch up on Ali Edwards' Type workshop, I've gotten through the first video for Week 1, and that's it. I'm also behind on my One Little Word prompts (I haven't done anything for April). Overall, I'm just behind. It's almost my own fault, but given the tight timeline on the invitations, they took priority over everything else I have going on, but this plays right into my OLW; I need to "do what makes [my] soul happy" and that means taking some time for myself, to work on my projects.

That being said, I'm finishing the invites this weekend (after I get different string - long story), shipping them out Tuesday and going back to my own projects. I'm so excited to catch up on my Project Life. I feel like there's nothing more fulfilling than completing 4-6 weeks of life in an afternoon.

Please go take some time for yourself and de-stress. I've been trying to do little things that make me happy, like sitting on the couch and eating a bowl of yogurt and just enjoying the peace and quiet.

Have a great long weekend!


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