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Project Life | Week 11

Today I'm sharing week 11. This week I included an insert because we had a slightly busier weekend than usual. I discovered that most people use their weekends to drink and play boardgames and laugh at seriously inappropriate things. It was so much fun.

Left side; I'm seriously trying to use my stash. I used the Craft Story Kit from Ali Edwards (no longer available) and some Studio Calico pieces to complete this spread. I love the stamp from the Craft kit. I've always loved Ali's handwriting, and that "Made with Love" stamp perfectly describes everything I make, ever. 3 layouts and several more pans of Rolo Pretzels Sandwiches (which are delicious, we made them for Christmas).

The front of the insert. The photos aren't in order (the top photo would normally be at the bottom) but I'm totally okay with how they're positioned. The journaling explains the order of events, and that's all that matters.
The bottom right card says "hahahah" over and over. It was originally a 4x6 and the other half of the card had blank space for journaling or a photo. I cut it in half and used the opposite sides (slightly different tones of the same colour) on both sides of this insert. I love that they both just say "haha" over and over again. Perfectly describes this weekend.

Here's the back of the insert. We tried a new game, and we love it. It's called Pirates Cove, and we hadn't tried it because it looked "hard", but it's really super simple. Then there was a round of Channel A (and it was awesome) followed by a short game of Cards Against Humanity (first person with 4 black cards wins and the game ends). It was such a fun couple of days. The bottom center card is the other half of the "haha" card. The colour is a little different but still fits into the spread.

Right side; On Sunday night, we went to my brother's place for family dinner to celebrate Jon's birthday. We had pizza and cake and played a couple rounds of Carcassonne (one of our favourite games). We were supposed to go to the movie after but someone got the times wrong so we just went home and when I opened the door of the truck the game fell out and dumped in the dirt (obviously I snapped a photo before helping clean it up) and then we just played some Mario.

Thank you for coming by to see this spread. I've really enjoyed sharing two Project Life spreads every week (my attempt at catching up a little because I was late to start sharing this year) and I've got some pages from 2011-2013 that I haven't shared, so I've been considering sharing monthly pages from those albums on Fridays. Which would be super helpful to me because I haven't had a ton of time to do anything beyond just my normal Project Life pages, and I like sharing three times every week. I'll keep weighing the pros and cons, and you'll just have to come back next week and see what I share! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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