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Kellie Stamps | April Release

Today I'm sharing a layout that makes my heart happy. I used pieces from a past Story Kit from Ali Edwards (I literally never use it while it's still available and I don't know why). I also used the cross stamp from this digital set of Kellie Stamps.

This layout took me a little while to put together, but once the pieces came together I couldn't stop looking at it.

I put all the pieces in a vertical line and kept everything pretty simple. I think the background paper could have been a little simpler, but I really wanted to use this paper that I made. I love that the red pieces stand out against the black and white.

I backed the hexagon heart this piece on white paper to keep it from blending into the background. I just stuck it on white paper and roughly cut around it. It's not perfect, but I love how it separates the two pieces. I also love the acrylic word. I've been using them on a lot of my projects lately, and I love them so much!

Thank you for coming by to see this spread. It's super simple and just documents my niece trying to write "Auntie Alex". She's only 5 and given her very small knowledge of words she did a really good job. I can't wait to watch her writing develop!

I also used the April release in my Day in the Life album (here).


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