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Project Life | Week 12

I feel like this spread was a little rushed, and is therefore a little unfinished looking, but I'm currently in the middle of a creative slump and so this layout was a tiny bit forced and I think it shows in most aspects. Oh well, here's week 12.

Left side; March was the last month I received a Studio Calico kit, and then I cancelled my subscription to the documenter kit. I liked using the month cards for my title cards during each month and I'm going to miss using them, but I really want to use more of my stash of cards instead.

Am I the only one who feels like those cards that have half a pattern and a small white space need something on the pattern half? Even though it already has a pattern on it. I keep leaving them plain because I try not to keep a TON of embellishments around so I never feel like I have the perfect piece to complete it, or it's something cheesy like "the best day". I did however, use a flair from The Crafty Pocket (available here) on that cute little triangle card that dictated the colours of cards I used for this spread.

Right side; I'm not really happy with this half of the spread, but it's done and that's what counts. Lately I haven't been taking too many photos, (all I do is work, read and craft) and I haven't been making many notes about what's happening during the week. I've been trying to just make short notes in my Get to Work Book (the new version isn't yet available, but here's a link to the shop). My notes are usually "family dinner - Wong" or "drinks - Goodman" and that is usually enough to jog my memory, but sometimes I don't even make those notes and can't remember what happened that week when I go back to write it all out. Which is also fine because it's not about all of the details, it's about the overall story. I can't tell every story about a particular week, but I can give an overview of the highlights.

Thanks for coming by to see this spread. Tomorrow I have a Kellie Stamps post, and links to some projects I made using this month's stamp sets.


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