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Fiasco Coffee Cup Album

There's just something about quickly throwing together a mini album that makes my heart happy. This one is no exception. We were in Calgary back in May for our anniversary. We do this every year and at this point (4 years) we don't usually take that many photos, we just enjoy the time away from work, visit some friends and have a good time.

I can't take full credit for creating the coffee cup albums either. That would go to Wilna and she sells pre-made pages (here) that you can print and add to your cups. I think they come with tutorials, if not she has a video (here) showing you how to put it together.

I kept mine really simple. The cup was already tearing a bit at the spine, and I chose to not reinforce my spine (possibly a bad idea, but we'll see). I used pattern papers from my stash and printed my photos 3x2 and cropped a couple of them smaller. I found a bunch of random embellishments on my desk and added those to it as well.

Here I used bits from the Notes and Things Value Kit by Becky Higgins and the Inspire Value kit also from Becky Higgins as well as some puffy stickers and a scrap of blue paper I had on my desk.

My favourite part of the city is the skyline. The funniest part of the trip was this red, black and white camo truck we saw coming out of the movie.

Little details; going to the zoo, trying a new place called Smash Burger.

More bits from the Inspire and Notes & Things value kits. I also think that you all need to check out this little place called Pie Cloud. It's fantastic.

I added an "awesome" flair to this page and once I stuck it down and tried closing the album, I thought maybe I shouldn't have added the flair, but it was too late. Plus I love how it looks on the gold foil doily.

I added a little chipboard frame onto the back cover so it framed #lovethis and it perfectly sums up the album and the trip.

This cup came from Fiasco Gelato in Calgary. One of my favourite places to visit in the city, plus they make AMAZING gelato. If you've been you absolutely must go. Just google them, or find them on Instagram. I love that we have the same favourite colour and their salter caramel gelato. Om nom.

Thank you all for coming to check out this album. I hope that you push the limits of your creativity. Turn something unusual into a mini album, or use a coffee cup to document some of your favourite coffee photos. I might go back and add some stamps, or other little bits to this album, and while it doesn't cover every detail of our trip, I love that it perfectly covers my favourite little details.

 Have a wonderful weekend!


ing lim said...

Inspiring. I've been wanting to make a mini using coffee cups as well. Hope to make mine soon. Thanks for sharing.

Kristine Isaacs said...

Love this! Thanks for including a flair from my shop :)

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