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Hunting Layout | 6/24

I'm on of those people who love when I can spend an entire week and just crush several layouts in one go, (while doing all the other things I do) but with all the other projects I had going on that I wanted to share first, these layouts that I made back in early May, took a back seat, but I can share them now and I'm so happy to.

I've been trying to play up the backgrounds and keep the embellishments simple. On my personal pages I like a lot of white space, but because I can journal on them, it doesn't feel like a lot of white space. With these layouts I want the photos to shine, but I also want to draw attention to the page in the first place. This particular set of photos were pretty simple so I felt like I could play up the background and let the photos tell the story in their simple way.

I used papers similar to those from a couple of other layouts in this set and stamped some leaves onto the white paper to create a simple pattern.

Thank you for coming by to see this spread. I love being able to play with various textures and papers and not worry about if it looks perfect or not, the people displaying these pages and enjoying them care more about the story the photos tell than the products I used.

Have a great weekend!


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