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One of my goals this year is to use up some of the products I've been hoarding for what feels like forever. Including past Story Kits that I LOVE but think are too pretty to use more often than not. Like this Old & New kit.

 I decided that getting new business cards for the Motel was worth documenting and I managed to find one of the old ones and swiped some new ones. They're so different and it's so awesome that after having the same business cards for over 20 years we finally got something more modern.

I have no idea where the "40 years" on the new one comes from, but the Motel has been owned and operated by Jon's family since 1993 and before that they owned a different motel, and before that I'm not entirely sure what his parents did. They've told me, but tired brain is tired.

Thanks for coming by to see this spread. I would love to see any of your old/new stories. I encourage you to tell a story about something that's different. Maybe your family moved out of your childhood home, or maybe they updated your childhood home. Maybe you got a new haircut. Tell your stories!

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