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Hunting Layout 10/24

Hooray another hunting layout. I'm sure you're all tired of seeing them, but I have this desire to share my work here whether or not it fits into the mold that has been created. I love making pretty layouts, but I also feel that it's important to tell as many stories as you can, even if it's just a bunch of photos telling the stories.

This layout uses a cut file from one of the very early rounds of Paiges Pages over at Big Picture Classes. I used the extra pieces for a the last couple of layouts as well. Here I just cut some random scraps to fit into the open sections and layered a few of the white pieces to create white on white dimension.

Here you can see some of the texture the corrugated and white pieces add to the layout. I also stamped the date into the lines. I don't have a specific date but the month is more than enough.

Thanks for coming to see this layout. Have a wonderful day!


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