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Acrylic Stamp Storage Idea

Alright, so as many of you know, I have a lot of stamps. Some of you saw my posts on Instagram when we were moving that I didn't realize how many stamps I had until I had to pack them up (it was like that for the majority of my supplies). Shortly before we decided we were moving, I had been looking into different storage solutions for my acrylic stamps because my collection was growing quickly and the way I'd been storing them at the time (a couple of boxes), started to not be enough space to hold them. I needed something that I could easily expand if my collection grew any more (it's still growing).

I scoured Pinterest and there were some wonderful ideas, but one that stood out was to put them into pocket pages and put them in a binder. At first I thought that was kind of stupid. How would you remember which stamps were grouped together? What would you do with all those acetate sheets from them?

Then I realized I was being an idiot. I started out by buying a whole bunch of 8 1/2 x 11" pocket pages. Terrible idea. Pocket pages come in a variety of sizes, you just have to know where to look. So I went to staples again and looked at all the pocket pages they had. They had 8 1/2 x 11, baseball card (9 - 3"x2" slots), and business card holders (way too small for any stamp sets I own). Then I wandered to the Martha Stewart section and they had a set with two pockets on an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet, and one with four pockets. Those are the ones I used the most of. The majority of my stamp sets fit into one or the other. I also have a large collection of little $1 stamps from Michaels (the little set of one or two stamps) and those fit nicely into baseball card pages.

Here's the four binders that hold the majority of my Acrylic Stamps. I still have some that I need to unpack from the grab box which is still sitting on the floor in the craft room full of things I need to put away. (The brown binder is actually a photo album, but it works just as well).

I labelled them with sticky notes because I've been rearranging different groups of stamps to make the binders mostly equal. For example, I have a lot of Christmas stamps, but not many Birthday stamps, so I've moved them into the same binder because they don't overflow it.

I placed dividers into my binders to put more distinction on the sections. They don't stick out past the pocket pages, but they still allow me to keep things a little more organized.

Here's a photo of the Martha Stewart pocket pages with 2 pockets. Most stamp sets will fit into this size of pocket page, as you can see they're pretty wide and my Recollections font sets aren't very big.

Here's an example of the Martha Stewart 4 pocket pages. They fit most of my slightly smaller stamps in them. The ones that didn't fit these pockets went into the two pocket pages. 

Here's one of my baseball card pages full of $1 stamps from Michaels. They fit almost perfectly, some of them I had to trim down to squeeze them in, but they still fit nicely and I can see them better this way.

I'd love to see how you organize your stamps! E-mail me your Stamp Storage photos

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


Em said...

Mine are currently just thrown into a large tin I have, although I think I need to revisit my whole craft organisation - I think I might borrow that idea!

Becca said...

This is an awesome idea

alexandria said...

mine used to be in box and I'd pull out each set looking for the stamp I wanted, when I put them back they were never in the same place as before so it got really hard to find what I wanted quickly.
I'd be happy to see what you do with your stamps!

alexandria said...

thanks Becca!

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