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DIY Be Merry Banner

I was going through some of my craft stuff that I've barely used and stumbled across my Close To My Heart chipboard letters. I used a couple last year on a project that still isn't finished, but figured I should use more of them. I have limited letters since I bought them from a yardsale, but I used what I had to make a Christmas banner.

I originally wanted to go with "JOY" but didn't have all the letters for it, so I looked through the few I did and realized with some creativity I could do "BE MERRY".

I love our new carpet and I did a lot of my planning for this project on my floor. I went through the letters and chose to do it this way since I had one sheet of each letter but was lucky enough to have two E's that were the same! 

At first I wanted to cover them in patterned paper and hang them on a garland above the TV. That didn't work out the way I wanted it to, so instead I made this. Don't mind the TV, I was watching the M3 Top 20 Countdown. This is just Legacy by Fefe Dobson.

We hung it on the wall using white tacks, and I attached ribbon to each of the rosettes. I'm not tall enough to get a good picture of how we hung them, but if you squint and tilt your head you can see the tacks.

I had Jon take these down so I could get better pictures of them. I attached a scalloped circle in a similar colour to each rosette to keep it together, then put the letter on top of that. Most of our decorations are red or green, so I figured they were a safe colour choice.

The large rosettes were made using three 3" strips of patterned paper. This red one is probably my favourite.

When I cut the striped paper for the little ones I definitely wasn't thinking. The pattern doesn't match up where the strips were connected. I should have cut one strip from each sheet of paper and connected those. These ones were made using two 1 1/2" strips. I used a black scalloped circle so you could see the letter from a distance.

Here's a better look at the green chevron pattern on this one.

I love this red paper so much. The pattern is just perfect, and the colour is a reddish pink.

A closer view of my mismatched pattern. Oh, and I coloured the circles black. They were off white, because I wasn't thinking and it was late when I finished these ones. 

I love Christmas so much. I'm going to spend the next few days trying to wrap presents without using bows and using minimal ribbon. Our cats like to take the bows off the gifts and play with the ornaments on the tree. So far though they've left the tree alone, I'll share a photo of that next week!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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