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Christmas Decorations

This is Jon and I's first Christmas together in our own place. Last year we celebrated at his parents house, and my parent's house. This year we're decorating the house a little bit. Next year we want to tackle hanging Christmas lights outside, and doing more decorating inside (no need to buy everything at once).

The first thing we did was set up the tree, though it took us a few days to get the decorations onto it.

Our tree is sitting by the front door because we had no idea where else to put it aside from in front of the TV, no one liked that idea. (Excuse the mess we had only been home a few minutes).

Here's a close up of the decorations. We went with red, green and gold this year (that was all our store had), and got the star garland from his mom. She bought it a few years ago at the Christmas Farmer's Market they host in town every year in December. She said it was handmade by the lady, and she had 5-6 of them. We managed to get two (they're not very long), to do our tree, and two went to work. They're beautiful and a huge hit with everyone.

We also have the Be Merry banner that I made. It hangs above our TV. I still feel like it needs something more. The wall seems so plain otherwise. Maybe I'll pick up a garland of some sort to string across the top.

We bought two of these garlands and strung one over the window in the kitchen, and one over the window in the living room. It's like having candles lit when we have just them on.

My love of owls has translated into our Christmas decorations (and the edge of our key rack). Here's one of a few owls that we put out for Christmas.

These three hang on the mirror by the front door. The one pictured above is in the bottom corner of the mirror.

These three are hanging on the window on our front door. They're frozen solid (normally they're rubbery and flexible). It's been extremely cold lately.

This is our adorable little own door hanger. He gets squished between the two front doors, but I smile when I come home and see him hanging there.

We even have owls on the table! At first I thought the table looked kind of plain, but I like it. It's cute and winter-y without necessarily being Christmas-y.

We ventured away from the owls and I bought this snowman. It has a space on the back for a tealight. I've been meaning to get a battery operated one because the cat is drawn to lit candles.

I also picked up this Santa one that sits opposite it on top of the cabinet that holds all of our movies (pictures of the house coming in the new year).

I can't wait to decorate the house more next year! I love Christmas.

Hopefully you all have your decorations up by now! Have a wonderful day!


polkadotparadiso said...

Looks so cute! You clearly love owls as much as I!

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