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Black & White Mini Album | Socks

Today I'm sharing another mini album. Since I made one for Gracie, I decided that I needed to also make one for Socks. I actually made this one around the same time, but decided to delay sharing it until now. I was hoping that I'd have other projects to share in the middle, but I just ended up making more mini albums. Of course.

Originally I was going to keep this one strictly black and white (socks is a black and white tuxedo cat), but soon found that black or white embellishments were minimal in m stash, so I added a bit of gold to the mix. The white frame is from a Freckled Fawn embellishment kit, the heart in the middle is from an ephemera pack I had in a bowl on my desk. Label and alphas from my stash and Heidi Sawpp gold mist.

For the most part, I kept my pages pretty simple. Using only black and white papers and adding in little gold pieces here and there.

As with Gracie's album, I wanted to capture his personality, and a few of his favourite spots in this album. Most of these pictures are from when he lived at my moms house because I don't have many recent pictures of him.

I tried to journal on almost every page. With either a memory, or some personality quirk of his. Like sleeping in weird spots (around items on the table, on the top bunk of the bed my sister and I used to share, etc.).

I also wanted to include things he likes. On this page it happened to be that he likes to chew on things that crinkle. In this case it was a granola bar wrapper.

Socks was MY cat. I cuddled him, he sometimes slept with me, we hang out sometimes still and watch Netflix in the basement, or I read and he curls up in my lap. Unfortunately him and Gracie don't get along, AT ALL, so he's locked in the basement, and Gracie is upstairs. I keep saying that maybe one day they'll get along, but Gracie is older and stuck in her ways, while socks is very territorial. Ah well, most children don't get along either.

Thanks for coming to check out this mini album.
Have a great day!


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