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FavouritesFriday | Instagram Accounts

Today I'm sharing some of my absolute favourite Instagram accounts, and a few things I love about each of them!

First up:
@ara_esp I've been following Ara and her paper creations since I created my crafty Instagram in 2012. At the time, I had 2 accounts, and only used my current one to post crafty things. I fell in love with her style and creativity. We've done a swap or two of crafty things, and I'm so glad that she's the first person I follwed, and still continue to follow!

@jesiiii I love her little wood paintings, and have been trying to save up to get a custom piece (or several) from her! Her creativity is inspiring, and I've fallen in love with her quirky style, her cat Digby, and her photos of abandoned buildings.

@littlepaperlane There are no words. I love seeing glimpses inside her little shop, and photos of her kids and their dog. Minty is easily my favourite Instagram kid on the planet. I love their Australian accents, and would absolutely love to meet their adorable little family. She's blunt, opinionated, and so so creative. I love seeing her window displays, and envy her creativity in making them.

@creatiate I don't even remember how I found this lovely human being. Her stamps are amazing, and I've also been saving for a bunch of them. I just love her creativity, and that she hand carves all of her stamps herself. That right there is the definition of small business. I've recommended her to TONS of people and I can't get enough of her creativity. She recently had a baby and isn't doing as much custom work, but the stamps listed in her shop are still beautiful pieces of work!

@jmm_crafts I love love love Harry & Bella (her cats), and love seeing them help her with her quilts. I love that she loves her cats as much as her hobby and shares them with the world! Makes me think of my cat every time I see hers trying to help her sew, or holding a quilt down. Cats are the cutest!

@angelascreativecorner Angela is the most creative human being I've ever seen. I love that she not only makes paper creations, but also makes cake pops, and sometimes even cupcakes. I love seeing all of her crafty projects and have definitely been inspired by her on more than one occasion!

@happiescrappie I'm definitely not a planner nerd, but for some reason, I LOVE her planner photos. I don't understand owning more than one planner, but she has a lot of them, and I love all the pretty colours. I think I'm mostly attracted to her photo style. So many bright colours, just browsing her feed makes me feel happy!

@wonderforest I probably have the biggest girl crush ever on Dana from The Wonder Forest. I've been in love with her work for quite some time! She's so beautiful (inside and out), and I'd be honoured to work with her to make my blog pretty. I've been reading her blog on and off for a few years, and her Instagram is simply beautiful. I love that she's also launched a Youtube Channel, and blog to help people with their blogs for free. I've learned so much from her, and I'm currently working on making mine a little prettier without (hopefully) spending a ton of money. I think I'm also a little biased because she's a fellow Canadian, but I love her blog, and her cute little Etsy shop. I also love that she has a line of device cases on Casteify.

Thank you for coming by to check out some of my favourite Instagram accounts. I hope you found some new people to follow. I'd love to hear some of your favourite followers! Leave a comment and I'll check them out. Feel free to link your own account, and I'll check yours out as well!



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