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One Little Word | February Prompts

Good morning. Today I'm sharing my February One Little Word prompt, and my monthly reviews for January and February. When I share my March prompts, my goal is to also share my monthly review with it. For my reviews, I took the PNG files and cut out the monthly reflection portion and typed out my thoughts.

With my monthly review, I don't feel that I wrote what Ali suggested, or in the way that she suggested. I just started typing, and didn't do much, if any, editing. My review to me, was a place to be open, and share whatever was coming to mind when I thought about my word and the things that did, or did not happen. 

Here's my prompt for February. I struggled with this, so much more than the January prompts. It was hard for me because essentially, I HATE collages. I hate cutting and pasting things without structure. I feel as if this prompt pushed me away from my word a little bit. Like when you force yourself to do something you REALLY don't want to do, and you're not sure if you feel better or worse in the end. In this case, I felt worse.
However, looking at it now, I'm glad that I pushed myself to do it. There's a lot of white space, and overlap, and I'm okay with that. I tore out a page from a magazine, that was a bunch of eyeshadows. I loved all the colours, and so I stuck it down first. It filled in a lot of white space. Then I stopped planning and just started sticking things down, trying not to over think it. It has a lot of things that speak to me, for various reasons, and I needed it. It hurt me to make it, but I needed this vision board because I was losing touch with my word without even realizing it.
So a huge thank you to Ali for telling us all to do it, even if we REALLY didn't want to.

Here's my February review. Since I didn't actually complete my February prompt until the start of March, my review doesn't contain much (if anything) about my hate of the vision board prompt. It also doesn't contain much about my distancing myself from my word. Those things will probably be in my March review.

Thanks for coming by to see my vision board, and my monthly reviews. I knew when I was typing them, that I was going to mount them onto some patterned paper to add a bit of visual interest to them. I hate just plain pages, and I had way more to say than would have fit onto the little cards.

Have a great day!


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