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Project Life | Week 7

Good morning! Today I'm sharing my spread for Week 7. Given that we don't celebrate Valentine's Day, I tried to keep the hearts and pink/red to a minimum on this spread. There were a lot of colours in my photos, and while they make it look a little busy, I prefer my photos to be in colour. I love black and white photos in mini albums, or on other projects, but when documenting my everyday life, I want to see the colours.

Here's my spread for this week. Studio Calico cards again. I realize now that I've been using my Studio Calico stash because it's on my desk and easily accessible. My Raskog carts full of all my other cards are a little harder to get to, and so I find myself using them less.

Here's the left side. I love love love my title card for this week. I'm trying to keep it consistent from week to week. The title card contains only the letters W and K and the week number. Below that I stamp the date using my Shimelle date stamp, and using a black pen, I put the dash between the dates. This week I had some extra journaling that wouldn't fit anywhere else, so I put it directly on the photo. I just used my white Uniball pen, and once the ink had a second to dry, it was fine. It didn't smudge, but it didn't write 100% clear either (it never does because I'm impatient and write too fast).

Here's the right side. So much food. We tried out a new recipe, and had my sister over for dinner, then played some boardgames, and I actually won a round of Settlers' of Cattan. I had a dinner date with my sister the day after Valentine's Day. Had the Filet Mignon work was selling for the whole weekend. It was delicious!

Thanks for coming by to check out my spread for this week. Have a great day!


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